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Getting to Lake Como from Milan: our tips and practical information

Getting to Lake Como from Milan

Want to get to Lake Como from Milan? We know what you mean. This lake is truly magnificent, and it’s not for nothing that it’s regularly used as a film set. It’s also why we’ve visited the region several times in recent years. If you have time, we can tell you that you must visit Lake Como during your stay in Milan.

Although we recommend that you visit Lake Como over several days, it’s perfectly possible to visit the main sites around the lake in just one day. We’re sure you’ll want to come back for longer.

lake come varenna

Go to Lake Como with an organized day trip the most complete

Like most people visiting Milan, you don’t have your own means of transport. You arrived by plane or train. If you don’t feel like renting a car or organizing the day, this really is the simple solution.

Everything from transportation from Milan to Lake Como towns such as Bellagio and Varenna is included. You can also take a boat trip across the lake. You’ll be able to see a condensed view of the lake and its main sights. With round-trip bus transport from Milan and a cruise on the lake, every detail is designed to maximize your time on site.

No need to worry about organization, transportation or things to do on site. What’s more, having a guide helps you grasp the history and anecdotes of the places you visit.

Allow around 11 hours for a day trip, with a bus journey time of between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Book your excursion a few days in advance, especially in high season, to guarantee your place and avoid unpleasant surprises. Prices start at around €80, a reasonable investment for such a complete experience.

Boats : Find all the information you need about boat times and prices on the Navigazion Lago Como website. (about €15 for a day).

lake come varenna

Getting to Lake Como by train: the fastest way

This is undoubtedly the quickest and most economical solution. However, you’ll be limited in what you can do once you get there. This is definitely the option we recommend if you only want to visit the city of Como (it would be a shame to limit yourself to that) or if you rent a scooter once you’re there. You can also take ferries from the port of Como to visit the main villages around the lake: Bellagio, Varenne…

To get to the lake, take the train from Milan’s main station. Trenitalia trains provide a fast connection to the city of Como, getting you there in less than an hour. Departures are frequent – two to three times an hour – giving you great flexibility in planning your day.

Milan Station

Buy your tickets online or from ticket machines in the station to avoid queuing. Check the timetable carefully to optimize your schedule. Prices vary, but expect to pay between €10 and €20 for a one-way ticket from the main station.

Rent a car to go to Lake Como from Milan : freedom

Road trip enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Lake Como is also accessible by car. Renting a vehicle gives you the freedom to explore every corner of the lake and choose your own destinations. It’s also an opportunity to get off the beaten track, so it’s no surprise that this is our preferred solution every time. If you can drive a Fiat 500, as we did, you can experience la dolce vita to the full.

lac de come

Driving in Italy can be a challenge, especially on the narrow roads around the lake. Watch out for extra costs such as gas and tolls. As always, it’s very badly signposted in Italy, and you soon end up paying a toll twice by taking the wrong exit (yes, it can happen to anyone).

Allow around an hour’s drive via the A9 freeway, with tolls costing around €5.

We advise you to book your car in advance, especially during the high tourist season. Make sure you know the rules of the road in Italy and turn on your GPS. It’s no more complicated than in France, but the Italians have a heavier foot on the gas pedal.

How do I rent a car?

Car rental: To compare car rental prices, we recommend the RentalCars website, which compares the prices of hundreds of car rental companies to find the best price. To give you an idea of prices, we found a car for €50 for 4 days through Hertz .

We ticked the “debit card” option, as we had read that some rental companies do not accept credit cards. In France, a bank card is usually called a credit card, but if you look on your card, you’ll see “carte de débit” (debit card ) written on it.

When driving on Lake Como, as everywhere else in Italy, beware of ZTLs (Zona traffico limitato). These traffic zones are regulated and reserved for local residents, and generally include the city’s historic center. On Lake Como, for example, the towns of Como, Bellagio and Varenna are involved. These areas are always well indicated.

Good plan

Take the ferry between Menaggio and Varenna on your road trip. You’ll save time, money and a breathtaking view of both cities.

Every option for getting to Lake Como from Milan has its advantages and can offer an unforgettable experience. Whether you opt for a group excursion, a train adventure or self-drive, you’re sure to experience one of the most memorable moments of your stay. While you’re waiting for your visit to Lake Como, take a look at our full article on visiting Milan.

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