Who are we?

We are Floriane (Périgourdine) and Matthieu (Angoumoisin), a French couple, passionate about travel. Our little L. (from Bordeaux) joined us in 2020.

After having worked for a few years in our beautiful capital, Paris, we chose to leave everything to travel around the world from 2016-2017.

During this incredible year, we traveled through South America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

This adventure was supposed to be a simple break, but in the end it completely changed our lives.

Who are we? 3

On our way back, after a short stay in Paris and many discussions about our future, we decided to move to Bordeaux . In order to find a better balance between our professional and personal lives , a warmer climate and also to be closer to our families.

Matthieu started his own business in the digital sector, while I became a teacher.

Travelling has continued to punctuate our lives. We took advantage of our vacations and weekends to continue our exploration in France, in Europe at Lake Como in northern Italy, in Montenegro, in the Puglia region in southern Italy… or around the world in Namibia, in Jordan

Who are we? 4

In August 2021, we left for 10 months in Europe by motorhome. We crossed and explored several countries, the Portuguese coast, the Spanish coast, the south ofItaly, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

For this trip, we wanted to slow down our pace, visiting 1 or 2 places per week at the most to fully enjoy them.

Matthieu continued his activity as a freelancer while traveling and I took a year of parental leave. We obviously left with our daughter, we just don’t want to expose her on the internet, you will be able to see her on some pictures from the back, with cap + glasses or when she hides !

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Who are we? 6

This blog allows us to share with you our good plans and information about our trips . Following the Covid, we privileged closer destinations and in particular in France.

We took the opportunity to write articles about our home towns that we know by heart since our families still live there: Angoulême and Périgueux.

Our favorite places on vacation, the island of Oleron, and its region Rochefort, La Rochelle, Brittany… as well as the cities where we lived for many years as Bordeaux and Paris.

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We hope to inspire you to discover the destinations we share with you!

For those who are wondering, we do not live from our blog. However, we have included some affiliate links for accommodations or activities that we have tested and approved!

When you click on our links (Booking, Getyourguide, Skyscanner…) to make a reservation, we get a small commission, paid by the platform.

Of course, you don’t pay anything extra while supporting our blog and our work, so THANK YOU!

This money allows us to pay our working tools, our host, our domain name, the activities we test to be as transparent as possible when we talk about it here…

If you like our articles, feel free to share them, give them 5 stars and comment them. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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