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Lake Como weather: when to go?

The weather in Lake Como is similar to that in Lyon. However, its proximity to the mountains of the Alps makes the climate cooler and more humid. It is necessary to privilege the summer period to visit the lake.

The best time to visit Lake Como is obviously in summer. However, the influx of tourists can make your stay more complicated and time-consuming.

We therefore advise you to take advantage of the beautiful days of spring during the bridges of May for example and of the autumn for your next vacations. Note that the temperatures are pleasant, above 20 ° C between May and September

What to do in the area?

lake como weather

Looking for a place to stay on Lake Como? To make your visit easier, we’ve included an article detailing the most interesting villages to stay in on Lake Como, along with our best hotel addresses.

lake como weather

Villa Vitali in Bellagio

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