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Skyview Stockholm: our complete guide + map

skyview stockholm

Would you like to visit Stockholm’s Skyview? Wondering how to get there ? Where can you buy your tickets ? You’ve come to the right place! The Skyview in Stockholm offers you an exceptional opportunity to discover the Swedish capital from a unique vantage point. We’ve provided all the practical information you need to make […]

What to see and do in Bergen our complete guide

Bergen norway

Wondering what you should see and do in Bergen on your trip to Norway? What are the must-see places around Bergen? We had the same questions when planning our stay. Bergen, nestled between mountains and fjords, is a city of instant charm. Stroll through the colorful alleys of the Bryggen district, a UNESCO World Heritage […]

Malmo – Copenhagen Bridge and our tip for saving on your crossing

oresund tunnel bridge between Sweden and Denmark

The Øresund bridge-tunnel, linking Malmö in Sweden to Copenhagenin Denmark, is a feat of modern engineering that stretches its steel and concrete arms over the Øresund. So how do you get there? How much does the crossing cost? We’ll answer all your questions in this article, and we’ll even give you a tip on how […]

Sweden by motorhome or van: rentals, wilderness camping, itineraries

Sweden by motorhome

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of your home on wheels, with a new Swedish panorama in front of your eyes every day. Does it make you dream? That’s the promise of a motorhome adventure in Sweden, an experience that combines freedom, nature and unexpected discoveries. Why choose such a journey? The answer is simple: exploring […]

How to visit the Gothenburg archipelago by boat? We tell you all about it!

Goteborg Archipelago

A must-see during your stay in Gothenburg is its archipelago! You’re probably wondering which island to choose? How to get there? We had the same questions when preparing our stay. So we carefully planned our boat trip around the archipelago, selecting the most easily accessible and interesting islands to visit. To help you plan your […]

Visiting Malmö: is it worth it?

During our road trip along the south-west coast of Sweden, we had planned to visit the city of Malmö to get a closer look at the impressive Turning Torso tower. After a bit of research, we came across a little nugget that we’ve detailed below, just 15 minutes from Malmö. Below, we give you all […]

Stockholm beaches: where to swim? Our top 6

In spring and summer, it can still be very hot in Sweden. We took full advantage of the incredible facilities on offer in Stockholm and around the Swedish lakes. Don’t forget to take a dip when you visit Stockholm or Sweden in general, as almost every lake has a small wooden pontoon (super cute), a […]

Camping in Stockholm: discover our top 3

Wilderness camping in Sweden

Many campsites are located close to Stockholm. We spent a long time looking for a peaceful place to sleep around Stockholm. Having visited a number of European capitals in a converted vehicle, we know how important it is to choose the right campsite for a peaceful night’s sleep, as we wanted to make the most […]

What to do around Stockholm our 10 must-do activities in the immediate vicinity

After 5 weeks exploring Sweden, we’ve got lots of places to share with you here. We spent several days in the Stockholm area, so here are a few ideas in the immediate vicinity of the Swedish capital. Nature is omnipresent in Sweden, and we found little corners of paradise just a few kilometers from Stockholm. […]

How many days does it take to visit Stockholm?

stockholm palais royal

It’s one of our favorite European capitals, and we’ve been lucky enough to visit it several times. Life is easy in Stockholm, the streets are clean and full of trees, and it’s a real pleasure to wander around the Swedish capital. To give you an idea of how the city is organized, we’ve detailed Stockholm’s […]