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Visit Bari in Italy: our must-sees

Bari, with its international airport, will certainly be your gateway during your stay in Puglia.

Take the opportunity to discover the charm of its medieval old town, in the Borgo Antico, where Italian “mamas” prepare delicious “orecchiette” – fresh pasta in the shape of an ear – in the street.

In this article we have prepared an itinerary for you to do on foot, and all our good addresses in Bari so you don’t miss anything! We wish you an excellent reading.

visit bari,visit bari italy

How to get to Bari?

The international airport, Bari-Palese Macchie or Karol Wojtyła Airport, is the largest in the Puglia region, located just 20 minutes from Bari. Flights from France start at €40.

We recommend the Skyscanner website, which we usually use, to compare prices of different airlines and find your flight at the best price.

The best way to get to the city center is to take the 16 bus, which runs from the airport to the city center in 45 minutes for around €1.5.

What to do in Bari in 1 day?

Our itinerary with our highlights on our map

Our itinerary starts in Borgo Murattiano with its wide and straight streets, to admire two buildings that cannot be ignored.

Then we take you to the Borgo Antico, the heart of the old city, surrounded by walls, to admire its beautiful facades, enter its beautiful churches and watch the making of the famous Orecchiette. Finally, you will finish your visit by walking along the coastline to the beach of Bari.

1. The Mincuzzi Palace

This is one of Bari’s most interesting buildings, with its art nouveau architecture. This magnificent palace belongs to the Mincuzzi family who built it in 1928.

Its façade stands out for its exuberant decorations and for its imposing dome. Then you can visit its interior all in marble since it is today a store.

visit bari,visit bari italy

2. The Petruzzelli Theater

It is an unmissable building with its very photogenic red façade. This magnificent theater was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and then it was completely restored to its original condition after a fire.

A guided tour of around 1 hour is offered to visit the interior, adorned with gilded decorations, and learn a little more about the history of this theater.

To attend a performance, the price of tickets with reduced visibility starts from only 10€, on the official website of the theater.

visit bari,visit bari italy

3. Piazza del Ferrarese

It is a large and airy square, with many cafes and restaurants, which contrasts with the narrow streets of the old town of Bari, from where you can see the sea and the lungomare, the promenade that runs along the coast.

visit bari,visit bari italy

4. The street of the Orecchiette and its Orecchiettes

The name of these pasta comes from their shape: a concave disc, smooth on one side and rough on the other, reminding a small ear.

This little street is worth the detour to watch Italian mamas making Orecchiette and then buying them directly (€5 per kg), to be eaten quickly, after a few days, with no preservatives guaranteed!

visit bari,visit bari italy

5. The “Norman castle” svevo di Bari

We advise you to visit this“Norman castle” dating from the 12th century. It is a fortress that imposes by its size and its austere appearance in the middle of the city, to visit from the outside.

On the other hand, we don’t recommend visiting the interior, even though it’s very attractively priced at €3, and there’s very little on display.

visit bari,visit bari italy

6. The Cathedral of San Sabino

It is a beautiful and large cathedral, with a very beautiful rose window in the facade of Romanesque style built in the twelfth century, its huge bell tower can be seen from far. Built on the remains of a Byzantine church, you can see the pillars covered with painted wood in the crypt.

7. The Mercantile Plaza

This is the square in the heart of the historic district, where you can stop for an ice cream before resuming your walk through the alleys.

visit bari,visit bari italy

8. The Basilica of San Nicola

Another religious building, as you can see there is no shortage of them in the region!

This basilica is the place not to be missed in the old town, its imposing and sober façade really invites you to visit its interior. Its construction dates from the 11th century, its massive architecture flanked by two robust square towers, looks more like the outlines of a castle. And it was indeed used several times as a castle during its history, nothing surprising!

During your visit, don’t forget to admire the magnificent painted ceiling and the small crypt.

This saint’s name rings a bell, and that’s normal, because it’s the famous Saint Nicholas who is celebrated in December in certain European countries (Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine…).

visit bari,visit bari italy

9. A walk by the sea on the Lungomare (Porto di Bari)

One of the most beautiful seawalls in southern Italy, we suggest you start from the harbor office to the artificial beach Pane e Pomodoro.

You can enjoy the beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea, the old town and rest on one of the many benches.

10. The beach of Pane e Pomodoro

It is an artificial beach a few minutes walk from the center of Bari, ideal for relaxing at the end of the day after a visit to the city. You can put your towel on the sand or on the rocks.

visit bari,visit bari italy

Ideas for activities and guided tours of Bari

Bari is full of activities, before your departure, you can book your excursions to leave in all serenity and not lose time once there:

➡️Réservez your guided bike tour of 2 hours, it is an ideal guided tour to visit the main areas of interest of the city (San Nicola basilica, San Sabino cathedral, Swabian castle, theaters, main squares…), in a short time, and your local guide will give you plenty of information about details and anecdotes related to the history and architecture of Bari!

➡️Si If you’re not too keen on cycling, you can book a guided tour on a segway(a single-seater electric vehicle), lasting 1 hour, to discover as many places as possible and get plenty of Barianecdotes in no time!

➡️Dernière We recommend a half-day sailboat cruise along the Puglia coast, departing from Bari. You might even spot dolphins (very common in the Mediterranean), swim in the crystal-clear waters or stop off to visit Bari– an unforgettable day out!

visit bari,visit bari italy
Guided tour of Bari by Segway

The most beautiful beaches around Bari

The most beautiful beaches in the area are located only 15 kilometers south of Bari.

Lama Monachile is one of Puglia’s most beautiful beaches, with crystal-clear waters nestling between the rocks of the lovely village of Polignano a Mare.

visit bari,visit bari italy

Spiaggia la Scaletta, is a beach located a few minutes from Monopoli, with white sand and still translucent water, for more pleasure, several small coves follow one another.

visit bari,visit bari italy

Spiaggia di porto marzano, still located a few kilometers from Monopoli and 20 minutes fromAlberobello, is a beautiful cove, with sand and transparent water. It is an ideal place for a relaxing afternoon.

Practical information (car rental, hotel and restaurants)

Where to rent a car?

The best option for getting around Puglia is to rent a car. You will be free to move around and you can stop to take photo breaks whenever you want.

How do I rent a car?

Car rental: To compare car rental prices, we recommend the RentalCars website, which compares the prices of hundreds of car rental companies to find the best price. To give you an idea of prices, we found a car for €60 a day at Bari airport.

A charming hotel in the city center

Il Pumo – Apulian Rooms Bari Piazza Moro, is a 10 minute walk from the old town. The rooms are comfortable, well-decorated and impeccably clean. You’ll have complete autonomy to enter and exit the premises, thanks to a simple code system. This gave us total autonomy during our stay.

visit bari,visit bari italy
Il Pumo – Apulian Rooms Bari Piazza Moro

Are you looking for a place to stay during your stay in Puglia ? To help you, we give you all our advice in this article on Where to stay in Puglia in Italy, and share our best hotel addresses and unusual accommodations.

Where to taste good Italian specialties?

  • Magda’ s is a bakery where you can enjoy delicious arancini, focaccia and other dishes of the day. We recommend that you don’t count the calories!
  • Mastro Ciccio, for delicious sandwiches, burgers and pizzas made with carefully selected local produce!
visit bari,visit bari italy

What to do in Puglia?

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in an incredible Masseria, exceptional places with incredible swimming pools, the equivalent of our chambres d’hôtes.

visit bari,visit bari italy

We wish you an excellent trip! Don’t hesitate to leave us a little note or 5 stars below, if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll answer you with great pleasure.

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