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Where to sleep in La Rochelle our unusual accommodations

La Rochelle

Looking for a place to stay during your stay in La Rochelle? We know that choosing the right neighborhood for your stay can sometimes seem as complex as navigating its famous historic streets. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you!

Below, we’ve listed our favorite neighborhoods for accommodation and easy walking tours of the city, as well as our best hotels and unusual accommodations. Have you ever thought of sleeping on a boat?

La rochelle port

Our favourite places to sleep on our map

We’ve listed below the areas of La Rochelle we think are the most interesting to visit and therefore the nicest places to stay.

Don’t forget to book your stay in advance, especially in high season, as La Rochelle is a popular destination for holidaymakers, and we understand why!

  • The old port in pink on our map
  • The town center is shown in orange on our map
  • Les Minimes in yellow on our map
  • The Genet in green on our map

The Old Port: At the Heart of History

The Old Port is undoubtedly the beating heart of La Rochelle. The old port area is made up of several neighborhoods: the port, the Saint-Nicolas district (to the east) and the colorful Gabut district (to the south).

At harbor level, this is where history meets modernity, with its 3 medieval towers standing proudly opposite a row of lively cafés and restaurants.

In our opinion, this is the ideal area to stay for those who want to be as close as possible to the main attractions (the old port, the Gabut area and museums, including the La Rochelle aquarium) and the maritime atmosphere (the Minimes harbor is a 15-minute walk away). It’s also a very busy area in high season.

Our favorite

Hôtel Saint Nicolas: we stayed in this magnificent hotel during our stay in La Rochelle. It’s ideally located in the Saint-Nicolas district, within walking distance of the port and city center. The decor is tasteful and cosy. We felt right at home. And last but not least, the breakfast is excellent, with homemade products. Which is essential for us to get the day off to a good start! Remember to reserve your parking space.

Fully equipped apartment ideal for families

La Rochelle Gabut Vieux Port This apartment is also ideally located at Le Gabut in the old port district. It is very well laid out, comfortable and functional. It is equipped with bunk beds, which is very practical for families with children!

Downtown: Dynamic and commercial

Downtown La Rochelle, with its pretty cobbled shopping streets and covered market, is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the urban hustle and bustle.

Here you’ll find a host of beautiful buildings, stores, restaurants and cafés, as well as a variety of accommodation options. It’s the ideal choice for a stay where everything is within easy reach.

With swimming pool

La Maison des Ambassadeurs is a magnificent 5-star hotel with a host of services and assets, including a swimming pool set in an attractive interior patio. If you’re looking for an exceptional hotel, go for it!

Les Minimes: for an unusual stay

The Minimes district is famous for its large marina. A pleasant promenade links the port to the city center in 15 minutes on foot.

It’s an ideal area to park your car, free of charge. We parked in the Les Minimes parking lot on our last trip to La Rochelle.

More modern, this neighborhood offers a dynamic setting with a touch of tranquility. It’s an excellent choice if you want to stay close to the port or on a boat for an unusual experience.

Sleeping on a boat

La Rochelle sur L’eau: a truly unusual accommodation, offering you the chance to sleep on a boat in the port of La Rochelle. Boat for 2 to 4 people.

La Genette : à Petit Prix

For those who prefer a more leisurely stay, La Genette is an excellent choice. This residential area, with its beautiful homes and well-kept gardens, offers a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s the ideal place for families or couples looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center while remaining close to the main attractions, the huge Charruyer Park and the beaches. This area offers more attractively priced accommodation than the city center or the old port.

Good value for money

Le Manoir Hôtel is a three-star hotel located close to downtown, Parc Charruyer, and 15 minutes from the Old Port. This former private mansion has been completely renovated to offer intimate, charming rooms. Excellent value for money.

What’s the most beautiful part of La Rochelle?

For our part, we really like the Old Port and Gabut area. It really depends on what you’re looking for: city hustle and bustle (downtown), residential calm (at La Genette), or an unusual experience (at Port des Minimes).

Are there any dangerous neighborhoods in La Rochelle?

Overall, La Rochelle is a safe city. As in any city, caution is advised, but there is no specifically dangerous area to avoid.

La Rochelle

Where to sleep on a budget in La Rochelle?

For an economical stay, consider options such as apartment rentals or hotels outside the city center. Neighborhoods like Les Minimes and La Genette offer affordable options, especially if you book in advance.

la rochelle city hall

Where to sleep by the sea in La Rochelle?

For a wake-up call with a sea view, opt for Les Minimes. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the city’s maritime atmosphere. You can also sleep directly on a boat.

La rochelle port

We hope you enjoy your stay in La Rochelle, and don’t forget to explore the surrounding islands. We update this article regularly as we currently live on theIle d’Oléron. La Rochelle is our favorite city break.

Feel free to drop us a line below to let us know if you’re planning this trip, ask any questions you may have or share on social networks(our Instagram) we’ll be happy to get back to you! Don’t hesitate to leave us your good accommodation addresses in comments.

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