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Lysefjord in Norway: our complete guide

Lysefjord norway

You want to explore the famous Norwegian fjord: Lysefjord, and you’re wondering about the different options for exploring the fjords? That’s exactly what we asked ourselves when planning our trip.

Lysefjord is one of our favorite fjords in Norway, with its breathtaking panoramas and deep blue waters, just 45 minutes from Stavanger. Whether it’s sailing through its tranquil waters, standing atop the Preikestolen, or admiring the breathtaking views from the Kjeragbolten, there are plenty of activities to discover the fjord.

To help you on this adventure, we’re sharing with you all the options for exploring Lysefjord. From the most fascinating cruises to the most breathtaking hikes, to unusual accommodationswith breathtaking views, we’ll cover it all.

Discover Lysefjord + map

Lysefjord is a fjord nestling in south-west Norway, just 45 minutes from Stavanger, a city we recommend you visit.

But what exactly is a fjord? It’s a question we also asked ourselves when preparing our stay. A fjord is an arm of the sea wedged between mountains or cliffs (it’s salt water, all right). It’s the result of millennia of glacial erosion, a masterpiece shaped by ice and time.

Lysefjord is a perfect example, with its deep waters and high rock faces, some as high as 500 metres. It’s landscapes like these that make us feel so small in the face of nature’s immensity and beauty.

The fjord is 42 kilometers long. The special feature of this fjord is its luminosity, and its name means ” fjord of light “. The light-colored granite on its flanks contrasts beautifully with the deep blue of the water.

Now that you know more about this little Norwegian nugget, we give you the different options for discovering it.

Sailing the Lysefjord: an unforgettable cruise

No road runs along the entire length of the fjord, so one of the best options for exploring this remote corner is to take a fjord cruise. Sailing the Lysefjord, we felt a mixture of humility and wonder at the grandeur of nature.

We loved cruising along these peaceful waters, surrounded by steep cliffs that seem to touch the sky. Excursions are really well organized in Norway, and the many boats and ferries we took were always in very good condition.

There are several cruise options, each offering a different experience. Remember to book in advance, especially during the tourist season, as these tours are very popular and can be fully booked.

  • Favourite ❤️: Panoramic cruise on Lysefjord & Discovery of the Preikestolendeparting from the port of Stavanger, we embarked aboard an electric boat silencerdiscover the Preikestolen, that famous rocky promontory, and other natural wonders of the region, including the impressive waterfalls of Rogaland.

    For 3h30 we sailed along the calm waters of the fjord, surrounded by impressive cliffs and breathtaking scenery. The company operating the cruise, Rødne Fjord Cruise, has an excellent reputation.

➡️ A word of advice: don’t forget to book your tickets online in advance (around €70 per person), especially during the tourist season, as these excursions are very popular and space is limited. A final word of advice: try to arrive at least 30 minutes early so that you can choose your seat.

  • A sportier and slightly more expensive option is to set off from Stavanger on a semi-rigid motorboat. This adventure not only offers spectacular views, but also a dose of adrenalin. It’s a more exciting way to discover the fjord and its surroundings, with the freedom to stop at key points for photos or simply to admire the view.

Epic hikes: Preikestolen and Alternatives


The best views are from the Preikestolen rock face, which rises to over 600 m.

Another complementary option, in our opinion, is to go hiking to explore the fjord from a height this time. The hike to the Preikestolen, or“Pulpit Rock“, is the most famous and of moderate difficulty. Rising 604 meters above the fjord, this rocky plateau offers spectacular views that reward the effort of the climb. The experience of standing on the edge of the precipice, with the fjord stretching out below, is both dizzying and exhilarating.

However, during the summer months, the Preikestolen can become quite busy. We’ve written an article to help you organize your visit and, above all, avoid the crowds at the Preikestolen.

Key information about the hike: 8KM round trip, elevation gain 500M and 3h30 on average


For those seeking a more tranquil experience, Kjeragbolten is an excellent alternative. This rock wedged between two walls of the Kjerag mountain, suspended almost 1,000 metres above the fjord, offers an equally impressive adventure. Less well known, this trail offers equally majestic scenery and greater tranquillity.

Key information about the hike: 11KM round trip, altitude gain 800M and 6 on average

4444 Flørli steps

A final hiking option, don’t forget the 4444 steps of Flørli, one of the oldest wooden staircases to reach the village of Florli, perched 700 meters above sea level and inaccessible by road. A vertiginous ascent to an unforgettable panorama. This less-frequented but equally spectacular route is a must for those looking to add a touch of adventure to their stay in Lysefjord.

Key facts about the hike: about 2 hours’ climbing

La Route des 27 Virages: Un Voyage Panoramique

In addition to cruises and hikes, Lysefjord offers another extraordinary experience: the 27-curve road, which winds between Lysebotn and the Øygardstøl parking lot at the end of the fjord. This winding road, with its many twists and turns, offers breathtaking panoramas at every turn.

This route is often compared to Norway’s famous Troll Route, known for its hairpin bends and breathtaking views. Like the Troll Route, Lysefjord’s 27 bends are a challenge for drivers, but also a reward for the eyes. At every turn, a new landscape is revealed, offering perfect opportunities for photo stops or simply to admire the majesty of nature.

A few tips for those wishing to take this route: take your time, pause frequently to enjoy the views, and of course, be careful on these winding roads. We advise you to use these roads during lunch breaks or in the late afternoon, when they are less busy.

Unusual Accommodations : Sleep with a breathtaking view

After a day rich in adventure and discovery, resting in unique accommodation with a breathtaking view of Lysefjord is the ultimate experience. Lysefjord offers a range of unusual accommodations, combining comfort, originality and spectacular views.

Here are two unusual accommodations that will make your stay even more memorable:

  • Lysefjorden – Gøysa Gard: Nestled in the breathtaking natural surroundings of Lysefjorden, Gøysa Gard offers a unique accommodation experience, where modern comfort blends harmoniously with authentic Norwegian rustic charm. The apartment is ideally located and enjoys an exceptional view. Every window overlooks the fjord, and outdoor spaces are well laid out to make the most of the view. The house is located 45 minutes from Stavanger and in the immediate vicinity of the Preikestolen.
  • Flørli 4444 Hostel Flørli 4444 Hostel: this retro-style hostel is only accessible by ferry, and boasts a superb view over the fjord, right next to the start of the 4444 steps hike. Tent accommodation option.

A final option for visiting the fjord is to stay in Stavanger, the nearest town, 45 minutes away.

We hope this article will help you plan your visit and take full advantage of all Lysefjord has to offer. And who knows, maybe, like us, you’ll be enchanted by the unique charm of this fjord.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a note or 5 stars below, to let us know if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, below we’ll answer you with great pleasure. Vous pouvez consulter nos stories sur Instagram de notre voyage en Norvège, pour vous donner un avant gout de ce qui vous attend !

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