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How many days does it take to visit Stockholm?

stockholm palais royal

It’s one of our favorite European capitals, and we’ve been lucky enough to visit it several times. Life is easy in Stockholm, the streets are clean and full of trees, and it’s a real pleasure to wander around the Swedish capital.

To give you an idea of how the city is organized, we’ve detailed Stockholm’s different districts in an article. We gathered a lot of information during our stays. Below are our itinerary ideas for visiting Stockholm from 1 to 7 days.

how many days to visit stockholm

How many days does it take to visit Stockholm?

To visit Stockholm, we recommend at least 2 days.

And that’s the question we’ve obviously been asking ourselves. We were pleasantly surprised by the many activities on offer in the Swedish capital. There’s something for everyone, summer and winter alike. And yes, Stockholm in winter is also a great idea.

  • In 1 day in Stokholm, you’ll have time to see the essentials, i.e. the historic center(Gamla Stan ) and its main monuments from the outside: theStockholm Opera House, Stortorget Square, the Nobel Museum and the Palais-Royal, then watch the Changing of the Guard. Then we recommend the Vasa Museum, for which we advise you to book your ticket in advance to save time.
  • In 2 days in Stockholm, we recommend you visit at least 2 museums. In particular, the Skansen Museum (located next to the Vasa Museum) and another venue, such as the Abba or Viking Museum. Then cruise the Stockholm archipelago.
  • In 3 days in Stockholm, we devoted an entire article to our 3-day stay in Stockholm, which you can read here.
  • For 4 days or more, we also recommend exploring Stockholm’s surroundings.

We suggest you take your time to observe the pretty, colorful houses, enjoy the many green spaces and interactive museums. To help you choose the museums that interest you, we’ve detailed Stockholm’s various museums in an article.

Stockholm in 1 day

The main sites to see in 1 day :

  • Gamla Stan (historic center)
  • Stockholm Opera
  • Nobel Museum
  • Palais Royal and changing of the guard
  • Vasa Museum (and Skansen)
  • Rooftop: Norrmalm district (modern city center)

If you’ve only got one day to spend in Stockholm, we suggest you take advantage of it to explore the Gamla Stan district on foot, the historic center, on a guided tour for example. From the outside, you can admire theStockholm Opera House, the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace, then watch the Changing of the Guard. For lunch you can stop off at theHermitage restaurant, to enjoy the vegetarian buffet.

In the afternoon, we recommend you take public transport to the Museum Island (Djurgården Island) to visit the Vasa Museum and the nearby Abba or Skansen Museum, before exploring Stockholm’s present-day city center in the Norrmalm district. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a drink on one of the local rooftops (Tak or Urban Deli).

Stockholm in 2 days

Stockholm is also known as the Venice of the North, and a boat tour of theStockholm archipelago is a must for stays of more than 1 day.

The main sites to see in 2 days:

  • Djurgården Island: Vasa Museum then Abba Museum or Skansen Open-Air Museum
  • Gamla Stan (historic center), Stockholm Opera House, Nobel Museum, Royal Palace and Changing of the Guard
  • Rooftop: Norrmalm district, modern city center
  • Viewpoints: Södermalm
  • Stockholm Archipelago

Here are our itinerary recommendations for visiting Stockholm in 2 days.

Day 1: We recommend a trip to the Museum Island on Djurgården Island to visit the must-see Vasa Museum, followed by the Abba Museum or the Skansen Open-Air Museum. The island is also home to Stockholm’s Grona Lund funfair, where you can ride a merry-go-round with your feet in the water. You can then explore Stockholm’s modern city center (Norrmalm district).

Day 2: We recommend visiting Gamla Stan in the morning, followed by a tour of theStockholm archipelago in the afternoon. Then, in the late afternoon, the Södermalm district for beautiful views of the Swedish capital. In this district, you can also visit the magnificent Museum of Photography, and at the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful view of the city from the terrace.

If you wish to visit more than 4 museums, we recommend the Stockholm go city pass.

Stockholm in 3 days

The main sites to see in 3 days:

  • Djurgården Island: Vasa Museum then Abba Museum or Skansen Open-Air Museum
  • Gamla Stan (historic center), Stockholm Opera House, Nobel Museum, Royal Palace, Changing of the Guard and souvenir stores
  • Rooftop: Norrmalm district, modern city center
  • Viewpoints: Södermalm district
  • Östermalm food market
  • Stockholm Archipelago
  • Stockholm Metro
  • Kungsholmen district: Stockholm City Hall

We’ve detailed our 3-day Stockholm itinerary in an article you can read here.

Day 1: Discover the city center (Norrmalm district) and historic center (Gamla Stan district), on foot or by bike

Day 2: Discover two small havens of peace, on the islands of Djurgården and Södermalm

Day 3: Set sail in the Stockholm archipelago and discover its metro stations

Visit Stockholm in 4, 5, 6 or 7 days

We recommend that you follow our 3-day itinerary and then add 1 day in Stockholm to visitStockholm City Hall, an additional museum such as the Museum of Photography, the Royal Palace or the Natural History Museum…

We also recommend taking 1 or more days to explore the Stockholm area. We’ve detailed all the possible excursions in an article you can read here.

If you’re more of a city person, we recommend you visit Uppsala and Sigtuna, while if you’re more of a nature-lover, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of the many nature parks around Stockholm, with a beach in fine weather or a natural ice rink in winter. You can also plan a day in a typical Swedish sauna.

When is the best time to visit Stockholm?

When to visit Stockholm? The Swedish capital, located in south-central Sweden, enjoys mild, rainy summers and long winters. Temperatures and light levels drop drastically in early November.

Temperatures can reach -20 degrees in December, January and February, with an annual average of 0°C during the winter months.

But we can reassure you that with the right equipment, it’s a real pleasure to visit the Swedish capital.

We had 3 beautiful days in the middle of summer, just one rainy morning which we spent visiting museums. It’s also worth noting that the Swedes are completely accustomed to these harsh winters, and everything is adapted to get around even in the snow. We also loved our visit to Stockholm in winter.

Where to sleep in Stockholm?

For easy access to the main points of interest, we recommend the Norrmalm district (today’s city center) .

Coup de coeur ♥

Hotel Birger Jarl : quartier Noormalm : la situation géographique de l’hôtel est parfaite pour visiter le centre de Stockholm à pied. Dans un beau bâtiment entièrement rénové, notre logement était spacieux avec un mini frigo et avec une décoration soignée, un excellent rapport qualité prix où vous vous sentirez comme chez vous. Nous y retournerons sans hésitation. (avec petit-déjeuner)

how many days to visit stockholm
Appartement rénové

Biz Apartment Hammarby Sjöstad : quartier Södermalm (l’un de nos préférés), nous avions longuement hésité avec cet hébergement également très bien placé. C’est un appartement donc cela permet de se faire à manger plus facilement qu’à l’hôtel. Le bâtiment a été entièrement rénové.

how many days to visit stockholm

Our good addresses on our map

We’ve listed all the places and addresses mentioned above on a map to help you find your way around.

We wish you an excellent trip! Don’t hesitate to leave us a quick note or 5 stars below, to tell us if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll get back to you with great pleasure.

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