Who are we?

We are Floriane , 34 (from Périgord) and Matthieu, 35 (from Angoumois), a French couple with a passion for travel. Our little adventurer L. (from Bordeaux) joined us in 2020.

Since June 2021, we’ve changed our lives, working on our own and remotely. So we can travel as we please. We’re a semi-nomadic family. Here’s how we got there.

Backpacking around the world

After working for a few years in our beautiful capital, Paris, we chose to leave it all behind to backpack around the world for a year in 2016.

During this incredible year, we traveled through South America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

This adventure was supposed to be a simple break, but in the end it turned our lives upside down.

On our return, after a brief stay in Paris and many discussions about our future, we decided to settle in Bordeaux . We wanted a better work-life balance , a warmer climate and to be closer to our families.

Matthieu started his own business in the digital sector, while I became a teacher.

Travelling has continued to punctuate our lives. We took advantage of our vacations and weekends to continue our explorations in France, in Europe at Lake Como in northern Italy, in Montenegro, in the Puglia region of southern Italy… or around the world in Namibia, Jordan

Tour of Europe in a motorhome

In August 2021, we set off for 10 months in Europe by motorhome. We crossed and explored several countries, the Portuguese coast, the Spanish coast Spanish coast ole, including the city of Valencia, the south of Itali e, including the sites of Pompeii, Vesuvius andHerculaneum, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

For this trip, we wanted to slow down our pace, visiting no more than 1 or 2 places a week to get the most out of the trip.

Matthieu continued his freelance activity while traveling, and I took a year’s parental leave. Of course we took our daughter with us, we just don’t want to put her on display on the internet, but you can see her in a few photos from the back, with cap and goggles, or when she’s hiding!

In June 2023, we set off for 5 months to explore Scandinavia by camper van.

Travel blog

On our travel blog“Pourquoi Pas Nous“, we write travel diaries about the destinations we visit. We spend many hours preparing our trips. It’s only natural that we should share our tips and advice with you. Each article takes us several days to write. At the beginning of the year, we update all our articles.

Quelques chiffres

Depuis le début de l’année 2023, vous avez déjà été 400 000 à nous rendre visite ici pour planifier vos aventures. Alors nous avons tout simplement envie de vous dire merci merci car sans vous tout cela ne serait tout simplement pas possible. C’est toujours un plaisir de lire vos adorables commentaires (ici ou sur instagram) et de vous répondre.

Following the Covid , we opted for destinations closer to home, particularly in France. We took the opportunity to write articles about our hometowns, which we know by heart because our families still live there: Angoulême and Périgueux, as well as Sarlat in the Dordogne.

Our favorite vacation spots are the Ile d’Oléron and the Rochefort region, La Rochelle, Brittany… as well as the cities where we have lived for many years, such as Bordeaux and Paris.

We hope to inspire you to discover the destinations we share with you!

For those who are wondering, we don’t live entirely off our blog. In order to finance part of our work as writers, we’ve included a few affiliate links to accommodation and activities that we’ve tested and approved!

How can you support us?

We travel and finance our trips ourselves. If you’d like to thank us for our content and advice, one of the best ways to help is through our affiliate links.

When you click on our links(Booking, Getyourguide, Fnac…) to make a reservation, we earn a small commission, paid by the platform. You can also bookmark our links containing our login. After clicking on the link, all you have to do is make your reservations.

Of course, you don’t pay anything extra for supporting our blog and our work, so THANK YOU!

This money enables us to pay for some of the time we spend writing travel guides, our work tools, our host, our domain name, the activities we test to be as transparent as possible when we talk about them here…

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  • Find a presentation of our family and our projects on the Familles Autour du Monde website, a reference site for long-distance travel.

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