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What to see and do in Budva, Montenegro Our highlights on our map

What to see and do in Budva, Montenegro

Looking for things to do and see in Budva during your visit to Montenegro? ? Which beachto put your towel on and swim? We asked ourselves the same questions when planning our trip.

The walled town of Budva is truly sublime, the beaches are superb and the water is warm and crystal-clear. To make the most of your vacation and visit the must-sees, we advise you to plan ahead.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of tips for visiting Budva, so you don’t miss a thing, and our top addresses for restaurants and hotels.

What to see and do in Budva, Montenegro on our map

The town of Budva is located on the Adriatic coast, 1 hour’s drive south of Kotor. We chose to stay there for 1 night instead of just making the round trip from Kotor. We wanted to take full advantage of the city’s ambience, visiting the old town, its crystal-clear beaches and the surrounding area.

Our hotel was located in the heart of the city, an area inaccessible by car. So we left our rented Skoda in a free parking lot 1 kilometer from the hotel.

Mogren beach

We’ll start by recommending a must-see in Budva: Mogren beach. This beautiful cove with crystal clear water can be reached from Budva on foot in just a few minutes.

The path along the cliff is really pleasant, and offers an incredible view of the town of Budva. Even though this beach is very well known, we were pleasantly surprised, because for a beach in the center of town, it’s nicely nestled between green rocky cliffs.

In high season, we advise you to go at the end of the day, when the crowds thin out and you can enjoy the sunset over the town of Budva. Note also that the beach is divided into two parts: the first has a bar with music, deckchairs and a terrace; the second, at the end of the beach, is quieter, so we recommend that you place your towel as far away from the hustle and bustle as possible.

If it’s really too crowded, we suggest you just enjoy the panoramic view of Budva’s historic center and then put your towel down on a beach around Budva. We’ll give you all the details below. We have also written an article on the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro.

Ballerina statue: the photo to take in Budva

Then, a second point of interest you won’t want to miss on your stroll, the Ballerina Statue in Budva, which seems to be an emblem of this Montenegrin town. Situated on the rocks just off the Adriatic Sea, this statue depicts a young girl in a dancing position, standing on tiptoe.

Even if we didn’t really understand what it had to do with the city, we’d recommend taking a photo with the statue in the foreground and the town of Budva in the background. Tell us in the comments if you know its meaning.

Explore the Old Town and its citadel

Of course, we recommend a stroll through Budva’ s pleasant old town, with its stone streets surrounded by old fortifications. It can be visited very quickly.

Start by climbing up to the Citadelle, the jewel of the old town. Perched proudly on a promontory, it offers panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and the red roofs of Budva. Don’t forget your camera: this panorama is a must-see!

As you wander further afield, you’ll come across small churches and chapels that bear witness to a rich religious past. The Church of St. John, for example, is an architectural treasure trove, with its harmonious blend of Romanesque and Byzantine styles.

At the end of the day, the old town is transformed. The dimmed lights of the restaurants and bars come on, creating a warm atmosphere that we loved.

Try Montenegrin specialities

One last thing to do in Budva’s historic center is to enjoy Montenegrin gastronomy in one of the center’s restaurants.

We recommend you try the classic:“Njeguški Pršut“, dried cured ham, accompanied by local cheese. This duo is often served as a starter in many of the city’s restaurants and is a perfect introduction to Montenegrin flavours.

Of course, you’re on the coast, so seaside restaurants offer fresh fish and seafood, often caught the same day.

➡️ We recommend the Rivijera fish restaurant, located in the heart of the historic center, where the food is tasty and delicious. Please note that in Montenegro, cutlery has to be paid for, and a 10% service charge is generally applied. We recommend the Jeff Bar for partying!

Boat and paragliding excursions

Several activities are available to explore the town of Budva. The advantage of Montenegro is that prices remain reasonable.

  • For thrill-seekers, paragliding is available from the heights of Budva, offering a unique perspective of the city and the sea. It’s also a great gift idea to celebrate a special event!
  • For an aquatic adventure, a boat is a great way to explore hidden coves and small beaches inaccessible by land, and swim away from the crowds!

➡️ We advise you to book your activities in advance on the website we use for each of our trips: Get Your Guide

Podmaine Monastery: a breathtaking view

For hikers, the surrounding mountains offer numerous trails. A must-see is the path to the Podostrog or Podmaine monastery, nestled in the hills 1 km from the center of Budva.

You can walk there from the center, and the hike offers not only a glimpse of the region’s religious history, but also breathtaking views of the Adriatic coast.

Sveti Stefan, an unusual place

This almost island is a must see for its incredible panorama. This small fortified village is now privatized by a luxury hotel (minimum price for 1 room 800€). It is impossible to enter unless you are a customer of the establishment.

You can admire Sveti Stefan from the park to the north or from the beautiful beach to the south. Take the time to snap a few photos, then take a dip in the clear water.

➡️ We recommend a visit to St. Sava’ s Church (about 5km away) for a beautiful view of the bay around Sveti Stefan. A beautiful moment of our stay.

Przno: an authentic fishing village

One last place not to be missed around Budva: Przno, a charming little fishing village on the Montenegrin coast. This jewel, hidden away on the Montenegrin Riviera, is a harmonious blend of natural beauty, tranquillity and tradition.

The heart of the village is its charming harbor, with its colorful fishing boats. They’re not just decorative; they bear witness to the village’s long tradition of fishing, an activity still practiced by the local inhabitants.

Beaches around Budva Jaz and Kamenovo

  • Budva Jaz: Large beach with translucent water, close to Budva and therefore popular with tourists. On the left, facing the beach, you’ll find non-privatized areas. Pebble beach, deckchair + parasol about 10€, parking 2€.
  • Kamenovo: this beach, close to Budva, offers a beautiful panorama. The water is very clear and clean. There are pleasant sunset restaurants and a beach volleyball court. In high season, the beach is very busy. Pebble beach, deckchair + parasol approx. 10€.

Our tips and hotels

If you’re staying 1 or 2 nights, we recommend staying in the heart of the old town. Parking is available nearby.

  • Hotel in Budva: Hotel Astoria, a beautiful address in the heart of the old town. Mogren beach can be reached on foot in just a few minutes. Free parking 1 kilometer away.

    If you’re looking for a hostel with dormitory beds, take a look at the prices at FREEDOM HOSTEL, a very inexpensive address in the heart of the old town, in a great location.
  • How to get to Budva: for greater freedom, we have opted for a rental car which we picked up and dropped off at the airport in Podgorica, the capital.

There are no freeways in Montenegro, so you’ll have to take the national highway or winding mountain roads. This means that short distances can take much longer than expected, averaging 40-50 km per hour. Be patient, this freedom will offer you unforgettable views!

Buses connect Montenegro’s main cities.

Our tips for renting your car

To compare rental prices, we recommend the RentalCars website. To give you an idea of prices, in the middle of July, we found a car for 33€ per day by booking a few weeks in advance.

The Alamo rental company offered the best rate. There is no agency at the airport, but an employee will be waiting for you when your flight arrives and departs. Our car already had a few scratches, which we noted on the contract when we inspected it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to Budva, and that it’s inspired you to visit Montenegro yourself. As you can see, we literally loved our vacation. This stay was a real discovery for both of us.

Feel free to leave us a quick note or 5 stars below, to tell us if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll get back to you with great pleasure.

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