Discover the most beautiful beaches of Naples and its region in Italy

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Naples is a city located by the sea, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches with translucent and warm waters after your day of visiting the city of Naples. We have selected the 6 most beautiful free beaches near Naples! Have a good swim! Where to swim in Naples? While in this region, temperatures are around […]

Camping in Pompeii discover our top 5

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Many campsites are located near the archaeological site of Pompeii. Staying at one of the nearby campsites or RV parks is a great option for planning your visit to Pompeii. We have selected 5 top rated campsites and RV parks near Pompeii, sorted according to their advantages and disadvantages, as well as useful information (access […]

The 5 Best Beaches of Capri where you should swim

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Are you looking for the most beautiful beach in Capri? It is really difficult to choose among all the beaches of Capri as they are so beautiful, that is why we have prepared a list with our favorite beaches. We let you make your choice according to your desires. Before presenting the most beautiful beaches […]

Lake Como camping: discover our top 5

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Numerous campsites line the shores of beautiful Lake Como. During our second visit to Lake Como, we wanted to sleep in the middle of nature, near the shores of the lake, to fully enjoy this incredible natural setting. We had the opportunity to test several campsites in bungalow and tent. We list below our favorite […]

Visit Vesuvius and Pompeii in 1 day

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Visiting Vesuvius and the archaeological site of Pompeii are two must-do’s during your stay in Naples. Only 25 kilometers separate these two Italian place, so you can visit both in 1 day. We spent a lot of time organizing our visit to the Naples area. We have put together all our tips for visiting Vesuvius […]

Lake Como by boat, an activity not to be missed, ferry or private boat?

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Exploring the lake by boat is a must-do experience during your stay in Lake Como. You will have unforgettable views of the surrounding mountains and majestic villas in the middle of the lake, and above all you will be able to swim away from the crowds. Lake Como is less than an hour from Milan, […]

Visit Naples and the surrounding area in 3 or 4 days, our itinerary and tips

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We explored Naples and the surrounding area twice, and yes, when you love it, you don’t count! Each time, we found a plane ticket to Naples at an unbeatable price. It’s a beautiful region with lots to see and do: the authentic city of Naples, the Bay of Naples and its islands, including Capri, the […]

Visit Naples by foot in 1 day: things to do and what to see in 2023

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As you know, we love Italy, and since we found a plane ticket to Naples at an unbeatable price, we went for it without thinking too much. What a great idea, because it was an immediate change of scenery. Stick around and we’ll tell you all about it! Naples is the third largest city in […]

Visit Como (Italy) in 1 day, our must-sees

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Located south of Lake Como, Como (or Cômo, as it always sounds better in Italian) is the largest village and the gateway from Milan to magnificent Lake Como. We recommend that you spend a day here, as there really is so much to see and do in Como. We enjoyed its bustle, its beautiful stores, […]