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Lysefjord in Norway: our complete guide

Lysefjord norway

Vous souhaitez explorer le célèbre fjord Norvégien : le Lysefjord, vous vous interrogez sur les différentes options pour explorer le fjords ? C’est exactement ce que nous nous sommes demandés en préparant notre périple. Le Lysefjord est l’un de nos fjords préfères en Norvège, avec ses panoramas à couper le souffle et ses eaux d’un […]

What to see and do in Stavanger, Norway? our complete guide

visit stavanger in norway

Wondering what to see and do in Stavanger on your Norwegian getaway? What are the must-see places around Stavanger? We asked ourselves the same questions when planning our stay. Stavanger, with its colorful streets and welcoming harbor, is a city to discover. Whether to stroll through the historic center, admire the impressive sculptures of Sverd […]

How do I get to the Preikestolen from Stavanger? car, tour, bus and cruise

Preikestolen Norway, view of the Lyselfjord waters

Wondering how to get to the famous Preikestolen from Stavanger? As you probably know, the Preikestolen hike leads to the incredible site of Pulpit Rock, a striking rock formation that juts out into the deep waters of Lysefjord. There are several options for reaching the site from Stavanger, the nearest town. In this article, we’ve […]

The Preikestolen: Norway’s most beautiful hike? How to avoid the crowds?

Preikestolen hiking in Norway

The Preikestolen hike takes you to the incredible site of Pulpit Rock, a granite boulder that falls sheer into the waters of Lyselfjord. One of the most beautiful panoramas of our stay in Norway. However, the site has been a victim of its own success since its appearance in Mission Impossible 6. This is one […]