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Our resources and websites for organizing a trip abroad

It’s a question that comes up regularly: which websites do we use to prepare our trips or book our next trip abroad?

We’ve been traveling for many years, on city trips, vacations and long-haul trips, so we’ve had the opportunity to try out a wide range of resources!

We’ve categorized our favorite resources to help you make sense of them. Don’t hesitate to share yours with us. We discover new ones on every trip.

Accommodation: how to find the best hotel? is one of the sites we use most often. Almost all accommodation, hotels, apartments, youth hostels and b&b are listed on this site.

Here’s a tip: to find what you’re looking for, we recommend using the search engine to select your accommodation. By filtering out ratings above 8/10 and reading other travelers’ comments (especially about location), we’re rarely disappointed.

Flights: how to find the best price?

Skyscan ner, the reference site for comparing airfares.

Here’s a little tip: to find the best flight, don’t hesitate to compare prices from several airports in your area.

For example, when I lived in Maastricht in the Netherlands, I used to fly out of Düsseldorf airport in Germany (50 minutes away), and the flights were always more interesting vs. Amsterdam. If you live near the Spanish border, don’t hesitate to compare prices from Barcelona, for example.

Car and van hire: where to compare prices?

Car rental

To compare rental prices, we recommend the RentalCars website, which compares the prices of hundreds of car rental companies to find the best price.

Van, van or camper van rental

It’s a question that comes up a lot, and to find the right converted vehicle for you, we recommend the Yescapa rental website, which puts renters and owners in touch with each other. It’s a French company, based in Bordeaux, and the leader with several thousand vehicles on offer, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for! The site is really very simple to use.

Activity: where to buy tickets

Activities and free walking tour

We use the GetYourGuide online booking service to book excursions and museum admissions. It’s a site that brings together a variety of activities in numerous locations.

Some museums don’t have an official website, but this is usually the place to book tickets. We always buy our tickets in advance to avoid waiting girls, and online prices are generally cheaper. We booked the Vasa Museum in Stockholm on this platform.

As you’ve probably read, we love discovering cities on a free walking tour. Booking on the Civitatis website is free, then we pay the amount we want (usually €10-15 per person) in cash, and we’ve even been able to pay the guide in Stockholm by card.

Boat rental

To rent your boat, we recommend that you use the Samboat platform. It’s very simple, they have the most complete offer of boat rental and their website is very easy to use!

You enter your location, then your dates, then you can filter by boat type (motorboats, houseboats, small boats…), with or without a license, with or without a skipper: in short, you’re spoilt for choice.

Travel agency

Evaneos offers high-quality organized tours that are 100% customizable.

We recommend that you contact a local expert for a free, no-obligation quote, to save you time preparing your trip and give you plenty of ideas!

Travel insurance: how can I be sure I’m properly insured when I travel?

For our vacations and our two long trips (backpacking around the world and camping in Europe), we went through Chapka. For vacations, the most appropriate contract is Cap Assistance 24h/24. To travel to certain countries, it is now essential to have travel insurance with COVID costs included (e.g. Jordan).

We advise you to enquire about the terms and conditions of this insurance or to obtain a free quote. If you subscribe via the link below, you can benefit from an immediate -5% discount by clicking on the link below (When you click on quote / subscribe, the discount is automatically applied.

Itinerary creation: how do I define an itinerary?

We report on a list shared on Google Maps, the places that are recommended to us, by bloggers, by other travelers, by our Instagram community (thank you) or locals.

Generally, this allows us to draw up an itinerary. We take paper guides with us to complete our map if necessary.

Travel equipment: travel guides, travel gifts, books…

For our equipment, we buy some of our technical gear (backpacks, clothes, shoes, etc.) from the famous Décathlon sports store.

For our travel guides, electronic equipment, camping equipment, books… we buy them at Fnac. There are still a few Amazon links on our blog that we are in the process of replacing.

Which bank cards are right for travel?

Since our first trip in 2016, we’ve been using N26 (German bank). We also have a Revolut card. With basic cards, there are no foreign withdrawal or payment fees. Concerning Revolut, we just have a maximum amount per month without fees.

Why affiliate marketing?

We travel and finance our trips ourselves. If you’d like to thank us for our content and advice, one of the best ways to help us is to use one of our affiliate links. We’ve included a few links in our articles to accommodations and activities that we’ve tested and approved!

When you click on our links(Booking, Getyourguide, Fnac…) to make a reservation, we earn a small commission, paid by the platform. You can also bookmark our links containing our login. After clicking on the link, all you have to do is make your reservations.

Of course, you don’t pay anything extra for supporting our blog and our work, so THANK YOU!

This money enables us to finance part of the time we spend writing travel guides, our work tools, our host, our domain name, the activities we test to be as transparent as possible when we talk about them here…

To give you an idea, when you make a €100 reservation on the Booking platform, €17 goes to Booking. If you go through one of our links, we get back between 3 and 5€ of this amount.

You know all about how our blog works. Don’t hesitate to leave us 5 stars or ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll be delighted to get back to you.

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