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30 original gift ideas for travelers: men and women

Discover our selection of gift ideas, tested and validated by us, to please all travelers!

What gift for someone who travels?

The perfect gift for someone who travels is one that keeps a souvenir of his or her travels. The best gift of all is a mini printer to print your photos when you travel.

What gift for a trip abroad?

The perfect gift for someone going abroad is one that doesn’t take up too much space, so they can easily slip it into their luggage, even at the last minute. We recommend you opt for a solid soap or shampoo – it’s a gift that’s sure to please!

1. Gifts for connected travellers

Print your photos when you travel

gift ideas

This pocket-sized printer ( 7.5 x 11.6 x 2.3 cm (< A5 ) ; Weight : 172 g ) is ideal for printing photos directly from your smartphone while traveling.

You’ll be able to leave beautiful memories with the people you meet, or send the photos to friends and family!

Instant camera

gift ideas

A less expensive alternative to the slightly bulkier pocket printer, a polaroid. Fujifilm’s beautiful colors make this a great accessory to slip into a travel bag.

Portable, rugged Bluetooth speaker

For travelers (like us) who can’t do without music! We always take along our JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker, which we find really hard-wearing. Note that it can withstand a few splashes or a little rain.


Noise-reducing wireless headphones

gift ideas

A must-have for shutting out the noise on long bus journeys, waiting at stations/airports or working in a café! In short, we never leave home without our headphones. Those from Huawei, the benchmark brand in this market, are our favorites.

Smartphone stabilizer


We film a lot with our smartphones. This pole helps us stabilize our videos, reducing jolts and sudden movements. It adapts to all iPhones and smartphones to give your next video a professional edge!

Notebook stand


This idea is perfectly suited todigital nomads, who often change their work environment. This booster seat creates a comfortable workspace for writing articles, editing videos or delivering news!

We used it almost daily on our motorhome tour of Europe, so we could work in good conditions.

Universal adapter

gift ideas

This adapter is a must-have for any traveler’s suitcase or backpack! It includes 4 socket systems in one. It has 4 USB ports and a mains input for simultaneous connection of 5 devices.

2. Fun gifts for travellers

Inflatable pouffe

gift ideas

Another gift we got last year and immediately adopted. This inflatable footstool from Fatboy inflates in just a few minutes once you’ve got the hang of it. It weighs about 1kg, so for the moment we use it when we go to the park (Bordeaux Botanical Gardens), and we used it a lot during our tour of Europe in our camper van!

Cork wall map of the world

gift ideas

This pretty card hung over our sofa when we lived in Paris. We even planned the itinerary for our round-the-world trip. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive our move, as it was glued directly to the wall. In our converted vehicle, we’ ll stick it on a support to keep it as long as possible!

3. Gift ideas for green travellers

A straw that makes water drinkable

gift ideas

This straw filters water absolutely everywhere. It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

It’s a must-have for hiking and long-distance travel! No need to load your backpack with liters of water, your back will thank you.

A French gourd

After filtering water, a water bottle is a must for storing it ! We’ve each got one from the small French brand Qwetch, which offers healthy (BPA-free), lightweight products in pretty colors!

Solid shampoo and multi-purpose soap

gift ideas

Two essentials for traveling light and 0 waste! We’ve been using these products ever since we returned from our round-the-world trip.

Today I’m making our own solid shampoo, let me know in the comments if the recipe might interest you. Secrets de Provence, a French brand with impeccable organic ingredients, is one of our favorites on the market.

Soaps from the French brand Docteur Bronner’s are magic! They can be used to wash your body, hair and teeth, and to do your laundry (yes, it’s possible!), all in organic form, and are a must-have in every traveler’s toiletry bag.

4. Offer must-have accessories

Storage pockets

A must-have for keeping your bag or suitcase tidy throughout your trip. One of our best buys, they accompany us on every trip! Thanks to these pockets, your clean things won’t get mixed up with your dirty ones. 

An aircraft kit

For us, a pillow is a must, if you want to sleep comfortably on the plane! Masks and earplugs can also be used if your accommodation doesn’t have shutters or blackout curtains, or if it’s noisy, which is often the case. Or when you sleep in your van or campsite, because with a street lamp nearby, or in Scandinavian countries in summer, the nights are short, as we’re experiencing right now.

Folding cutlery set

gift ideas


It’s another great gift we got before leaving on our round-the-world trip. We used it a lot, on our many picnics and camping trips, as well as when we cooked for ourselves in our accommodation, an eco-friendly alternative. The fork and knife can be separated on this model, which is very practical! Tried and tested for years!

Foldable, compact hair dryer

gift ideas

Those who know us know that I have extremely fine hair that dries in two minutes! We did, however, invest in a folding hairdryer , which we take with us when we have room. Still, it’s nice to be able to dry your hair when it’s cold!

Clothes washing bag

gift ideas

Another great find that we discovered thanks to other travelers. This kit washes clothes in 3 minutes and weighs just 145g. A must-have for all travellers, and ideal for vanlife!

Canvas belt to hide bills and papers

gift ideas

This was our very last purchase before leaving on our round-the-world trip. We added them to our equipment a few hours before taking the plane. In the end, we were really glad to have our pouch with us on the night bus journeys.

Today, we take it everywhere, because we appreciate its practicality: all our papers (passport, international driving license, passport photos, vaccination booklet…) are in one place, even when we’re away in a van or camper van.

5. Gifts for travelling readers

A reader

gift ideas

It’s a must-have for all traveling readers. You can easily download several books before you leave, so you don’t have to choose just one to limit the weight of your backpack/suitcase. It’s an easy , pleasant read.

This e-reader is backlit, so you can read in dimly lit places (buses, hotel rooms…).

Edit 2023, after many years of use and hundreds of hours of playback we are extremely satisfied, one of our best investments, we recommend this lasting purchase!

Books to help you plan your next trip

These books are gifts we got for Christmas, they’re inspiring and they give us lots of ideas. The images of the various sites are magnificent. We like to leaf through them, noting the places we absolutely want to see in our lives. We have a list of over 200 places, enough to take you on a trip of a lifetime!

Inspiring travel stories

Fabienne and Benoit are two bloggers, digital nomads, who we’ve been following for a long time and who inspire us enormously. We’ve spent a lot of time reading the many articles about their round-the-world trip, and we’d already loved their free e-book “Préparer un tour du monde” (Preparing for a round-the-world trip). Naturally, we bought their paper book, which is concise, humorous and beautifully illustrated! In short, it’s a mine of information that we recommend to you!

Since then, they’ve also been criss-crossing France in search of the most beautiful hikes and the best French brasseries. Rando bière France and Bretgagne are the ideal books for beer lovers and rondo fans. We gaveit to my sister as a gift, so she was able to try out several itineraries. The perfect gift!

gift ideas


Audrey and Sébastien, and their three children, traveled the American continent in their Liberty motorhome and No Limit 4×4. We’ve been following them on You Tube since they started, and they inspire us a lot. We thought we knew everything there was to know about this family, but we learned even more from the book, which we devoured. It’s a highly instructive guide to planning a trip in a converted vehicle (van or camper).

A book for easy on-site communication

gift ideas

It’s another small, practical gift that we got before we left. This conversation guide features 200 simple illustrations to help you make yourself understood in all G’Palémo languages, but with pictures!

6. Gifts for vanlifers

We’ve also spent many hours equipping our vehicle for our various trips, so we’ve put together a list of our must-have van and motorhome accessories. Some of these might surprise you, so don’t hesitate to share yours with us at the end of the article.

A big thank you to all our readers who have already given us great gift ideas for travelers. Feel free to share yours in the comments below or on Instagram.

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