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Visit the island of Procida in Naples

Procida from the air

If you’d like to visit the island of Procida as part of your tour of the Naples region, this is an excellent idea. This island is a real gem that deserves to be discovered. Here’s what you’ll find out.

Procida, the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples, covers an area of 4 km² and is home to a population of around 10,000. It’s an authentic place, still untouched by mass tourism. When planning your visit to Naples, we recommend including Procida in your itinerary.

After a 1-hour sail from Naples, you’ll dock at Marina Grande, the home port in a picturesque setting.

The island can be visited by the day or over two days, and we really recommend that you take the time to spend a night there, if only to take photos at night and enjoy the island once the majority of visitors have returned to Naples!

What to do on the island of Procida

Procida’s Italian charm is omnipresent, with narrow streets filled with typical shops and trattorias. While these establishments could do with a lick of paint, they are nonetheless picturesque reminders of island life.

Marina Grande and Marina Corricella are two of the island’s top destinations. The brightly painted facades of the houses are landmarks for fishermen at sea.

We recently had the pleasure of discovering the charming island of Procida, a jewel in the Gulf of Naples. If you’re planning a trip to the region, we’ve listed the main points of interest below.

Visit the old town

The old town of Procida is a magical place that has retained its charm of yesteryear. We recommend getting lost in the maze of narrow streets lined with typical colorful houses.

Then take the steep stairs that wind through the city, an adventure in itself, rewarded by magnificent panoramas of the sea and the islet of Vivara.

Swimming in Marina Chiaiolella

There are only a few real sandy beaches dotted around the rocky coves.

Our favorite is the one at the southern tip of the island, next to a picturesque fishing port overlooking a pleasant sandy beach (Chiaiolella) and a lagoon lined with seafood restaurants.

This is also where the boats leave for the islet of Vivara, a nature reserve linked to Procida by a bridge.

The area is particularly famous for its breathtaking sunsets, where you can take the photo of your vacation.

Discover the fishing port of Marina Corricella

Located just off Chiaiolella beach, this ancient fishing village dates back to the 17th century. We recommend that you go for a delicious Italian ice cream after your swim.

Colorful houses forming an amphitheater around the harbor, traditional fishing boats and small waterside restaurants create a picturesque landscape that seems frozen in time.

Marina Corricella is also famous for being the setting for films such as “Il Postino” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, starring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. A film we recommend you watch if you haven’t already.

Visit the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Located in the Terra Murata district, this 17th-century Baroque church is an artistic treasure trove.

Don’t miss the mosaic-covered dome and the rich interior, home to precious works of art.

Climb up to the old town of Terra Murata

It’s the oldest village on the island, built on the highest point of Procida. Here you’ll find narrow streets with ancient houses, a citadel and the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

The main attraction is the panoramic view it offers over the whole island and the Gulf of Naples, including the magnificent Volcano of Naples, which we recommend you climb in this article. The best time to visit Terra Murata is undoubtedly around sunset, so you can make the most of the golden hours!

Explore the Abbazia San Michele and Palazzo d’Avalos

Be sure to visit these two important historical sites in the Terra Murata district.

  • TheAbbazia San Michele is an ancient Benedictine monastery housing a museum of art and antiquities.
  • The Palazzo d’Avalos, former residence of the military governors of Naples, offers a fascinating plunge into history. Still, it’s not worth visiting the ruins of Pompeii, the ancient Roman city near Naples.

Take a boat trip

There’s no better way to admire Procida’s beauty than by sailing around the island.

What’s more, you can discover its rich underwater life by snorkeling or diving. Several companies offer boat excursions, most of them located in the port of Marina Grande, an experience we highly recommend.

Stroll along Marina Grande

The island’s main port is always a magnet, with a popular beach and a variety of restaurants serving fresh seafood and local specialties.

This is also where you disembark once you’ve arrived on the island. A stroll along the harbor is a pleasant ritual not to be missed.

How to get to the island of Procida from Naples

The most common way to reach the island is by ferry or hydrofoil. Ferries depart from the port of Molo Beverello.

This port offers frequent connections to Procida, with well-known companies such as SNAV and Caremar. The same companies serve the other islands in the Bay of Naples, such as Capri, Ischia…

Numerous boats depart daily, and depending on the type of vessel chosen, the trip can take from 40 minutes to 1 hour. The hydrofoil is the fastest solution, but also the most expensive. If your budget is limited, the ferry is a cheaper option, but the journey takes longer.

It’s advisable to buy tickets in advance, at the port or online, in high season to avoid queues. What’s more, in low season, timetables are subject to change, so be sure to check them the day before you leave.

Where to eat on the island of Procida

The island of Procida is famous for its delicious Italian cuisine. Here are a few places where you can enjoy the local cuisine:

  1. La Lampara restaurant, overlooking the Corricella marina. The restaurant is located in the Hotel La Corricella.
  2. Artigiani della Bontà Pizzeria for a real Neapolitan pizza.
  3. Enjoy a Procida sweet speciality at La Panetteria.
  4. Don’t forget to try Vesuvietna Procida‘s delicious home-made ice cream, sold at a wallet-friendly price just a stone’s throw from the pier.

Where to sleep in Procida?

The island of Procida offers accommodation options to suit all budgets, we’ve selected two nuggets for you but you can always see the list of the best accommodation in Procida.

Notre coup de coeur

Si vous cherchez un endroit paisible et luxueux à Procida, l’hôtel Calacala Rooms,Restaurant & Farm Experience est le lieu idéal. Niché au cœur de l’île, cet hôtel offre un équilibre parfait entre la tranquillité de la nature environnante et la proximité du centre animé de Procida. Imaginez-vous vous relaxant au bord d’une magnifique piscine, entouré par le chant apaisant des oiseaux et le doux murmure de la nature.

Commencez votre journée avec un savoureux petit-déjeuner fait maison, préparé à partir de produits locaux. Le restaurant de l’hôtel est également une expérience gastronomique à ne pas manquer, pour le plaisir des amateurs de bonne cuisine. Vous ne pouvez qu’être séduit par le Calacala, une pépite qui combine harmonieusement luxe, tranquillité et authenticité au cœur de Procida.

Avec vue sur le port et la baie de Naples

Nous sommes tombés sous le charme de l’hôtel Torretta Corricella à Punta Miseno. Offrant une vue imprenable sur la mer, cet appartement est idéalement situé. L’intérieur est très sympa et bien rénové, même si la salle de bain n’est pas à notre goût elle est confortable.

Les propriétaires sont d’une grande gentillesse et seront à votre disposition pour rendre votre séjour encore plus agréable.

Our practical tips for visiting the island of Procida

Book your ferry tickets in advance: ferries to the island of Procida are regular, but we recommend booking online or directly at the port, especially in high season, if you want to be sure of getting the schedule you want.

Wear comfortable shoes: Procida is a rocky island with many cobbled streets and stairways. It’s not ideal to go there in flip-flops, so we recommend you wear sneakers or, for those who like to walk, hiking boots.

Taste the local cuisine: Procida’s cuisine is delicious and varied, so don’t miss the chance to try local specialties like“Lingua de Bue“. This delicacy is prepared using puff pastry, which is then filled with lemon cream. It is often sprinkled with powdered sugar for an extra touch of sweetness.

Nos essentiels pour visiter Procida

The island of Procida is an ideal destination for those looking to relax while visiting the Naples area. With its sandy beaches, colorful architecture and peaceful atmosphere, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Naples and the surrounding area, and don’t forget to visit Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum.

Feel free to leave us a quick note or 5 stars below, to tell us if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll get back to you with great pleasure.

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