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Lombok with friends #video

Lombok in Indonesia, with its white sandy beaches, magical coral reefs and exceptional climate, was calling us. But what we really wanted was to arrive and meet up with our friends! Two weeks’ vacation on our trip. We’ll take you on a journey from sea to sky, from mountain to beach, to discover this magnificent […]

Northern Territory road trip – Australia part 2 #video

For the second part of our Australian road trip, we take you on the desert roads of the Northern Territory. Still in our van, wee crossed two national parks, Kakadu (we can hear your puns) and Litchfield. They are famous for their grandiose rock formations, giant termite mounds, refreshing waterfalls and wild fauna. The crocodiles […]

Sydney & Great reef road – Australia part 1 #video

Australia was a country we were looking forward to. After 4 months in Latin America, we were eager to get back to our Western roots. Bus stops with timetables, prices displayed in supermarkets and traffic regulations! On the food front, we rushed to the Coles on arrival, raiding it for chocolates, yoghurts, cheeses and charcuterie. […]

And what else do we eat? #Malaysia

Malaysia is a blend of three populations: Malays, Chinese and Indians. As a result, the cuisine is extremely varied. As you can imagine, this was not to our displeasure. It was our first time in Asia, so we were very happy to be able to sample different types of cuisine. Still, we quickly turned to […]

And what are we eating #Chile

In Chilean Patagonia, we ate almost all our meals at the inn. The cost of living is so high in this part of the country that all travelers cook. At mealtimes, the kitchens were packed, and the atmosphere was always very friendly, with people exchanging travel tips and even recipes! Then, the further north we […]

French Polynesia – Moorea #video

After crossing 4 Latin American countries in 4 months, we needed to put our adventurous life on hold. So we spent 10 days on the island of Moorea (the closest to Tahiti), staying with Julia and Tahaamana. Two exceptional hosts with whom we had a wonderful time. Our huge rucksacks were unpacked and put away […]

Easter Island #video

When we bought our plane tickets, we were ready to removeany country from our selection, exceptEaster Island. It was a certainty that we would set foot on this mythical island in 2016. We can tell you now that the round-the-world trip was just an excuse to go.

And what’s for lunch #Argentina

Argentina is renowned for its excellent MEAT, and with good reason! On the other hand, we didn’t expect so many Italian restaurants and ice-cream parlors, each better than the last. We were quite happy with all the Italian influence.

And what’s for lunch #Bolivia

Tourista wreaks havoc, and almost all the travelers we met had been affected by it during their stay in Bolivia. So we didn’t leave feeling very reassured. And, of course, we were not spared… The culprit: a fresh cheese (Philadelphia type) bought in a supermarket (Auchan type), which seemed to us to be the safest […]

And what else do we eat? #Perou

As soon as we got to Peru, we stopped making our own food (joiiieee), and the markets became our favorite playground. A dish generally costs no more than €1, so it’s hard to do for less, even if you cook for yourself. A little reluctant at first – the guidebooks recommend it for strong stomachs […]

Arrival in Puerto Iguazu

We’ve arrived in Iguazu. We’re about to take our first steps in Argentina, and the sight of the plane made us want to.