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The islands near Naples: which ones to visit?

The islands near Naples

Looking for which island(s) to visit during your stay in Naples? Don’t panic, here are the islands near Naples, how to get there and the main things to do. Imagine an archipelago where each island has different characteristics. The islands near Naples invite you to a getaway where natural charm mingles with cultural richness. Capri, […]

Visit Caserta’s Royal Palace (Reggia di Caserta): the complete guide

Visit Caserta's Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Caserta, with its majestic architecture and lush gardens, evokes the opulence of the great European courts. We recommend a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage site, which is not just a historical monument, but a true cultural experience. In this guide, we’ve put together all the information you need to plan […]

The 5 most beautiful beaches on the island of Procida (Italy)

The island of Procida, off the coast of Naples, is famous for its picturesque beaches, delicious cuisine and “dolce vita” atmosphere. While its shores may not match the splendor of some other Italian beaches, they nevertheless offer a unique charm. We’ve selected the 6 most beautiful beaches on the island for you to make the […]

Visit Capri’s Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra)

Located on the island of Capri, near Naples, the Blue Grotto, known locally as Grotta Azzurra, is an unforgettable natural site. This underwater grotto, which takes its name from its intensely blue, sparkling waters, was once used as a personal bathing spot by the Roman emperor Tiberius. Today, it’s considered the island’s must-see spot. It’s […]

Visit the island of Procida in Naples

Procida from the air

If you’d like to visit the island of Procida as part of your tour of the Naples region, this is an excellent idea. This island is a real gem that deserves to be discovered. Here’s what you’ll find out. Procida, the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples, covers an area of 4 km² and […]

Where to sleep in Naples? Our favorite neighborhoods and best addresses

Looking for a place to stay during your stay in Naples? Here are our favorite neighborhoods to stay in and our best hotel addresses. We also explain which neighborhoods to avoid in Naples. The best places to stay in Naples? [carte]1. Centro Scorico: the historic center for sightseeing2. Spanish Quarter: 100% Neapolitan3. Vomero: a quiet […]

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Naples and its region in Italy

Naples is a city located by the sea, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches with translucent and warm waters after your day of visiting the city of Naples. We have selected the 6 most beautiful free beaches near Naples! Have a good swim! Where to swim in Naples?Map of Naples beaches1. Bagno Sirena2. Miseno Beach3. […]

Camping in Pompeii discover our top 5

Many campsites are located near the archaeological site of Pompeii. Staying at one of the nearby campsites or RV parks is a great option for planning your visit to Pompeii. We have selected 5 top rated campsites and RV parks near Pompeii, sorted according to their advantages and disadvantages, as well as useful information (access […]

The 5 Best Beaches of Capri where you should swim

Plage à Capri

Are you looking for the most beautiful beach in Capri? It is really difficult to choose among all the beaches of Capri as they are so beautiful, that is why we have prepared a list with our favorite beaches. We let you make your choice according to your desires. Before presenting the most beautiful beaches […]

Visit Vesuvius and Pompeii in 1 day

In our opinion, Vesuvius and the archaeological site of Pompeii are two must-sees on your visit to Naples. Only 25 kilometers separate the two sites, so it’s entirely possible and conceivable to visit them in 1 day. We’ve spent a lot of time organizing our stay in the Naples area. We’ve put together all our […]