The best beaches of Lake Como (Italy): list and map [2023]

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and a wonderful place to swim.

Although the water can be cool most of the year, it’s great for swimming in the summer and strolling along the water’s edge in the off-season. To help you plan your stay, we have written an article about our stay in Lake Como with our detailed itinerary and all our recommendations for restaurants, hotels… to fully enjoy this little corner of paradise.

Below, we have listed the most beautiful beaches of the lake for you!

Where to swim in Lake Como?

Before getting started, it’s important to know that there’s a lot of river traffic on the lake. The boat is not only a way to visit the lake, but also a means of transporting people and goods.

The area near Como is not recommended for swimming, as the lake water is not very clean.

However, many Italians swim on the beach of Como, just behind the temple of Volta. However, we advise you to go further north to enjoy the clearer water and quieter beaches.

Important information: the Italian word for beach is spaggia, which sounds great!

lake como beaches lake como beaches

The best months for swimming in lake Como

As you can see, the water can be cool in the lake. We recommend the summer months: July and August for swimming.

But it remains pleasant from May to the end of September. It all depends on your resistance to the cold and the desire to swim. 😉

Map of the best beaches of Lake Como

Top 6 des meilleures plages au lac de Côme

Place à notre top 6 des meilleures plages sur le lac de Côme.

  1. Spiaggia di Piona
  2. Spiaggia d’Onno
  3. Spiaggia di Lierna
  4. Lido (piscine) Menaggio
  5. Lido de Mandello del Lario
  6. Spiaggia di Dervio

All you have to do is indulge yourself, and if you find any other beautiful beaches, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

1. Spiaggia di Piona

This is our favorite of the Lake Como beaches. It is located on the north side of the lake and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. The water is clear and clean. Ducks and a few swans may keep you company during your swim. It is a grassy beach, you will swim with the feeling of being in the middle of nature.

Turf Beach

2. Spiaggia d’Onno

This beach, located in a green setting close to Bellagio, will delight nature lovers. The water is clear and clean, with the mountains of Lake Como in the background.

Pebble beach

lake como beaches lake como beaches

3. Spiaggia di Lierna

After your visit to the village of Varenna, we recommend a stop at Di Lierna beach, located in the northern part of the village, for a refreshing swim in clear water with a magnificent view of the lake.

Pebble or grass beach

lake como beaches lake como beaches

4. Lido (pool) Menaggio

This private beach features a swimming pool, so you can alternate between a dip in the lake and a swim in the pool.

Entrance fee about 6€, sunshade and deckchair rental

5. Lido of Mandello del Lario

This beach, located between Verenna and Lecco, is easily accessible by car. It is one of the largest beaches on Lake Como , so you will easily find space even in the summer season. It has a restaurant and a playground to keep the little ones busy.

Pebble beach, paid parking

lake como beaches lake como beaches

6. Spiaggia di Dervio

This pretty beach,north of Verenna, is easily accessible by car. The water is transparent.

Pebble and grass beach

Where to sleep in Lake Como?

★ Our selection of accommodation in Lake Como ★

1. Coup de coeur : Suite Menaggio, localisation idéale, en plein centre de Menaggio avec une belle vue sur le lac. Appartement charmant avec une cuisine tout équipé, bref foncez-y.

2. Petit prix : Albergo Frirenze, à côté de à côté du port de Côme, idéal pour prendre un bateau qui fait le tour du lac, en plein centre-ville, avec parking à proximité. Un excellent rapport qualité/prix pour la ville de Côme.

3. Avec vue : Hotel Bellagio, en plein centre de Bellagio, hôtel confortable avec un excellent petit-déjeuner généreux, servit sous une charmante tonnelle avec au loin la vue sur la rive en face avec la Villa Carlotta.

lake como beaches lake como beaches
Menaggio Suite

Ideas for activities in Lake Como

To visit the various points of interest on Lake Como, you can book your activity in advance via the Internet. We advise you to take a look at the website getyourguide which proposes various activities at attractive prices, it will give you ideas of activities to do on the spot.

Rent a boat on Lake Como

Exploring Lake Como by boat is a must-do experience. Aboard your boat, with or without a license, you can rediscover the lake, enjoy magnificent views and even take a swim.

How to get to Lake Como (by plane)?

The nearest airport is Milan, and we recommend a visit to the beautiful city of Milan.

From France, you can find flights from €40.

We recommend the Skyscanner website, which we usually use, to compare prices of different airlines and find your flight at the best price.

How to get around by car?

For our road trip, we rented a car in order to be able to stop whenever we wanted. The national road that goes around the lake is in very good condition. The coastal road offers lovely views of the lake, but is narrower.

Comment louer une voiture ?

Location de voiture : pour comparer les prix des locations nous vous conseillons le site RentalCars. Pour vous donner une idée de tarif, nous avons trouvé une voiture pour 50€ pour 4 jours en passant par Hertz.

Nous avons coché l’option “carte de débit“, car nous avions lu que certains loueurs n’acceptent pas les cartes de crédit. En France, la carte bancaire est usuellement appelée carte de crédit, cependant si vous regardez sur votre carte, vous verrez mentionné “carte de débit” sur celle-ci.

We wish you an excellent trip! If you enjoyed your swim, leave us 5 stars below. We wish you an excellent trip! Don’t hesitate to leave us a quick note or 5 stars below, to tell us if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll get back to you with great pleasure.

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