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The 15 most beautiful beaches on Lake Como: our selection and map

Lake Como beach

Lake Como is one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, and a wonderful place to swim, especially in summer when the weather is hot. Yet it’s hard to find beautiful, quiet beaches on the lakefront.

During our visit to Lake Como, we drove around and selected our favorite beaches.

We’ve also put together a map to help you find them, because let’s face it, they’re sometimes quite small and hidden.

Where to swim in Lake Como?

Before getting started, it’s important to know that there’s a lot of river traffic on the lake. The boat is not only a way to visit the lake, but also a means of transporting people and goods.

The area near Como is not recommended for swimming, as the lake water is not very clean.

However, many Italians swim on the beach of Como, just behind the temple of Volta. However, we advise you to go further north to enjoy the clearer water and quieter beaches.

Important information: the Italian word for beach is spaggia, which sounds great! And Lido is a beach attached to an establishment. Now you’re almost bilingual in French and Italian!

Where to swim on Lake Como

Our map of Lake Como beaches

All you have to do is indulge yourself, and if you find any other beautiful beaches, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

1. Spiaggia di Piona

This is our favorite of the Lake Como beaches. Located on the north side of the lake, in the heart of a small cove, it offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding mountains. The water is clear and clean. Ducks and a few swans may keep you company during your swim. It is a grassy beach, you will swim with the feeling of being in the middle of nature.

Turf Beach

Spiaggia di Piona beach on Lake Como

2. Onno beach

This charming beach, set in a green setting to the south of Bellagio, will delight nature lovers.

The water is clear and clean, with the mountains of Lake Como in the background. Appreciated for its peaceful atmosphere and magnificent sunsets, this beach is an ideal haven for swimming and relaxing in the heart of nature.

Pebble beach

2. Spiaggia d'Onno

3. Spiaggia Pubblica di Bellagio

Located in Bellagio, often referred to as the “Pearl of Lake Como”, this beach is within easy reach of the town center. Bellagio lies at the tip of a land promenade that divides the lake into two branches, giving it a unique geographical position and panoramic views.

The Spiaggia Pubblica di Bellagio is surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape, characterized by the clear, calm waters of the lake and the majestic mountains in the background. The beach offers breathtaking views of the other parts of the lake and its shores lined with villas and lush gardens.

It’s an ideal beach for families, couples and groups of friends. During the summer months, it attracts a mixed crowd of locals and tourists, all coming to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the area.

Pebble and grass beach

4. Spiaggia di Lierna

After your visit to the village of Varenna, we recommend a stop at Di Lierna beach, located in the northern part of the village, for a refreshing swim in clear water with a magnificent view of the lake. It’s an ideal spot for swimming in a peaceful setting.

Pebble or grass beach

Lierna Beach

5. Bellano beach north of Varenna

Bellano lies on the eastern shore of Lake Como, a little north of Varenna, ideal after your visit to the village.

It’s a lovely little bay for swimming, with a diving platform for young and old alike. The beach itself is a mixture of pebbles and small sandy areas, typical of Lake Como beaches. The waters here are clear and suitable for swimming, offering pleasant coolness on hot summer days.

4. Lido (pool) Menaggio

This private beach features a swimming pool with direct access to the lake. So you can alternate between a dip in the lake and a swim in the pool. It also offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Entrance fee about 6€, sunshade and deckchair rental

lac de come beaches

5. Lido of Mandello del Lario

This beach, located between Verenna and Lecco, is easily accessible by car. It is one of the largest beaches on Lake Como , so you will easily find space even in the summer season. It has a restaurant and a playground to keep the little ones busy.

Pebble beach, paid parking

lac de come beaches

8. Spiaggia di Dervio, north of the lake

This pretty beach with adjoining lawn, locatedto the north of Verenna, is easily accessible by car. The water is crystal-clear, and as always, it’s great to swim at Lake Como, with bars and restaurants close by!

Lawn area, paid parking

9. Lido di Lenno, next to Villa Balbianello

Located to the south of Lenno and close to Villa Balbianello, this beach bar offers an area with a diving board for swimming, as well as a small sandy beach. It’s an excellent place for a day out with family or friends after your visit to the Villa. So, are you ready to dive into the crystal-clear waters of the lake?

Sandy beach owned by beach bar/restaurant, fee payable

Just a few quick facts: Villa Balbianello is a must-see during your stay on Lake Como, and will certainly ring a bell, as it was the filming location for “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and “James Bond: Casino Royale”. The visit to Villa Balbianello is offered only with a guide, who taught us a lot about the house and Lake Como.

If you still have some energy left, you can also visit Villa Carlotta, a few kilometers to the north.

10. Lido di Bellagio

It’s a restaurant and beach bar that in the evening transforms into an open-air disco with a private beach, 500 meters from the center of Bellagio and close to Villa Melzi.

This small, sandy beach with crystal-clear waters is ideal for relaxing after your visit to Bellagio, with deckchairs and parasols for a day of pure relaxation in the sun.

Sandy beach owned by beach bar/restaurant, fee payable

lac de come beaches

11. Spiaggia di Gravedona

This is one of the largest beaches north of Lake Como, wilder than the south. Known as a windsurfing and kitesurfing spot, this beach attracts water sports enthusiasts. It is also appreciated for its large sandy area and clear waters.

Gravedona, north of the lake, is famous for its many churches, including Santa Maria delle Grazie, a former Augustinian convent housing impressive paintings from the Lombard Renaissance school.

Turf Beach

12. Spiaggia Santa Maria Rezzonico

The Spiaggia Santa Maria Rezzonico, nestled on the shores of Lake Como, is a picturesque little beach known for its tranquil setting and crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming.Away from the crowds, the beach is accessed via a path that leads off to the left, opposite the castle.

This pebble beach, surrounded by an enchanting natural landscape, offers the perfect escape for those looking to recharge their batteries in a serene, authentic environment.

Pebble beach, free parking

lac de come beaches

13. Abbadia Beach Lariana

A small area of grass and pebbles on the shores of Lake Como, perfect for a refreshing stop before hitting the road again. Ideal in the off-season to make the most of this place.

Abbadia Lariana Beach, on the eastern shore of Lake Como, is distinguished by its exceptional natural setting, combining an expanse of pebbles with lush vegetation. This tranquil beach, with its clear waters and stunning lake views, is an ideal place for those seeking relaxation and communion with nature.

14. Orrido di Nesso

L’Orrido di Nesso is not a traditional beach, but rather an impressive canyon with a spectacular waterfall, located on the shores of Lake Como. You’ve probably seen it many times on social networks, it’s a very photogenic place.

Although not designed for swimming, the more adventurous can find places to cool off near the waterfall, provided the crowds aren’t too great.

lac de come beaches

15. Lido Villa Olmo near Como

Lido Villa Olmo, with swimming pool and lake access, is one of the closest options to the town of Como, located south of the lake, and convenient for a quick visit after exploring Villa Olmo. In summer, this bettone area attracts many visitors, which can lead to a certain crowding and a less peaceful atmosphere compared to other, more secluded and natural beaches around Lake Como.

However, its ease of access and proximity to Como’s cultural attractions make it a practical choice for those wishing to combine swimming and cultural visits in the same day.

Private, pay-per-use area

When to swim at Lake Como?

As you can see, the water can be cool in the lake. We recommend the summer months: July and August for swimming.

But it remains pleasant from May to the end of September. It all depends on your resistance to the cold and the desire to swim. 😉

Varenna beach on Lake Como

Practical information for your stay in Lake Como

Where to sleep in Lake Como?

Looking for a place to stay on Lake Como? To make your visit easier, we’ve included an article detailing the most interesting villages to stay in on Lake Como, along with our best hotel addresses.

★ Our selection of accommodation on Lake Como ★

1. Our favorite: Suite Menaggio, ideally located in the center of Menaggio with a beautiful view of the lake. Charming apartment with fully-equipped kitchen, so go for it.

2. Small price: Albergo Frirenze, next to the port of Como, ideal for taking a boat around the lake, right in the center of town, with parking nearby. Excellent value for money in Como.

3. With a view: Hotel Bellagio, right in the center of Bellagio, a comfortable hotel with an excellent, generous breakfast, served under a charming arbour with a view in the distance of the shore opposite with Villa Carlotta.

lac de come beaches
Menaggio Suite

Ideas for activities in Lake Como

To visit the various points of interest on Lake Como, you can book your activity in advance via the Internet. We advise you to take a look at the website getyourguide which proposes various activities at attractive prices, it will give you ideas of activities to do on the spot.

Rent a boat on Lake Como

Exploring Lake Como by boat is a must-do experience. Aboard your boat, with or without a license, you can rediscover the lake, enjoy magnificent views and even take a swim.

lac de come

How to get to Lake Como (by plane)?

The nearest airport is Milan, and we recommend a visit to the beautiful city of Milan.

From France, you can find flights from €40.

We recommend the Skyscanner website, which we usually use, to compare prices of different airlines and find your flight at the best price.

lac de come

How to get around by car?

For our road trip, we rented a car in order to be able to stop whenever we wanted. The national road that goes around the lake is in very good condition. The coastal road offers lovely views of the lake, but is narrower.

How do I rent a car?

Car rental: to compare rental prices, we recommend the RentalCars website. To give you an idea of prices, we found a car for €50 for 4 days through Hertz .

We ticked the “debit card” option, as we had read that some rental companies do not accept credit cards. In France, a bank card is usually called a credit card, but if you look on your card, you’ll see “carte de débit” (debit card ) written on it.

We wish you an excellent trip! If you enjoyed your swim, leave us 5 stars below. We wish you an excellent trip! Don’t hesitate to leave us a quick note or 5 stars below, to tell us if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll get back to you with great pleasure.

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