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Visit Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Valencia, Spain

valence cathédrale sainte marie

During our visit to Valencia, we marveled at the city, its local life, its beaches and its many monuments. One of them certainly stands out from the rest: the majestic Sainte-Marie Cathedral. This emblematic building, whose “El Miguelete” bell tower dominates the heart of old Valencia, is a must-see in our opinion. To explore this […]

Visit the Oceanogràfic: Valencia’s Aquarium

The Valencia Aquarium, a true marine sanctuary, is a must-see when visiting Valencia in Spain. Not only is it Europe’s largest aquarium, it’s also a marineeducation and conservation center, offering an immersive experience into the mysteries of the oceans. This aquarium is huge. You can visit both indoors and outdoors, with countless basins and aquariums […]

Our recommendations for visiting Valencia’s Central Market

Visit Valencia's central market in Spain

If you’re in Valencia, an essential part of your stay must be a visit to the Central Market, or “Mercado Central” in Spanish. The heart of the city, this emblematic site is much more than just a food market. This is where the pulse of the city beats, a place where culture, tradition and modern […]

Discover the 9 most beautiful beaches in Valencia, Spain

When you visit Valencia in Spain, don’t miss the city’s most beautiful beaches, just a few kilometers from the city center. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Valencia is the ideal place to enjoy the beach all year round. We’ve been there twice, and when you love it, you don’t count. Below, we share with you […]

Visit Valencia (Spain) on foot, things to do and what to see in 1 or 2 days?

We had discovered Valencia, Spain, during our trip in our motorhome, simply because the city was on our itinerary. We fell completely under the spell of this city, even though we had no particular expectations. I went back (Floriane) a second time on a city trip with some friends to explore more of this incredible […]