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Visit Jordan: our 6 best things to do and see for your trip + all our tips

We are going to Jordan this summer! When we said this sentence, our relatives were generally astonished by this choice of travel.

Honestly we didn’t have this destination in our list of countries to visit. We left to find my sister. She worked in Amman, the capital, for two years in a French company.

We loved our stay, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of places to visit and the beauty of the different sites.

We also appreciated the contact with the local population who always helped us when we needed it.

Below, we detail our 6 must-sees and must-do’s in Jordan (and it wasn’t an easy selection!), as well as our 2-week itinerary.

visit jordan

Is Jordan a dangerous country?

When we have a destination in mind, we systematically consult the diplomatie.gouv website. For Jordan, we didn’t deviate from the rule, even though my sister, who had already been living there for 6 months, had assured us that the country was stable.

The government website gives general recommendations on the country and specifies the areas to avoid (the borders with Syria and Iraq) on a map.

These recommendations were helpful in planning our trip. The sites we wanted to visit were not in the discouraged areas! We never felt unsafe during our stay.

As the country suffers from an unattractive geographical location. You will cross few  tourists on the various places.

For example, visitation to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra has dropped considerably since the outbreak of war in Syria. We were almost alone in the world, it’s the first time it happens to us in such a famous place!

visit jordan

When to go to Jordan?

You are probably wondering, what is the best time to go to Jordan?

Jordan is a sunny country with little rainfall and mild temperatures all year round! Nevertheless, the period from April to November is the best in terms of temperature (minimum 15 and maximum 40 degrees).

If you are afraid of being too hot, avoid the months of July and August as temperatures can reach 40 degrees. We were there in August and it was indeed a bit hot in the desert of wadi rum. However, the month ofAugust is recommended by tourist guides because there are few tourists.

One last piece of advice, find out the date of Ramadan before you leave because during this period many shops and restaurants will be closed at the time of the young.

visit jordan

What to do in Jordan : our 6 must-sees!

1. The incredible city of Petra – ❤❤❤


The city of Petra is our favorite of the trip. We loved our 3 days discovering all the corners of the city.

The site is grandiose and magnificent, as mentioned above we were often alone in the world. Yet it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the seven wonders of the world. It’s time to visit this wonderful city!

You will walk a lot during your visit and you will be hot. If you are there like us in the middle of August, but you really won’t regret it.

To arrive on the site, you will borrow daily a splendid canyon named the Siq. When you leave the latter, you will be amazed by the famous and well known Khazneh (the treasure). Then you can wander around the site according to the different places you want to see. Do not miss the Deir, theroyal tombs, thelower city, the Byzantine church, the Blue Chapel and the High place of the Sacrifice which will offer you a magnificent point of view on all the site of Petra!

Tip Why not us: a guided tour of Petra with transfer from Amman

If you don’t want to drive in Jordan, you can book an excursion from Amman. Your driver will drive you to Petra and then you’ll have a guided tour of Petra, to learn more about the incredible history of the place. You will need to add the entrance fee for Petra.

Where to sleep?

➡️Notre with swimming pool: The Petra Moon hotel is an excellent option, located 5 minutes from the entrance and featuring a swimming pool for relaxing after a long morning of sightseeing. The rooms are pleasant and clean.

➡️Si is fully booked, we recommend the Petra Corner Hotel, also located 5 minutes from the entrance to Petra, and the rooms are very comfortable.

visit jordan

2. Floating in the dead sea: a unique experience – ❤❤❤

The Dead Sea is a very salty lake, shared between Israel, Jordan and Palestine. It’s the lowest place in the world – 400 metres below sea level.

Bathing in the Dead Sea is a unique experience. You float there like a cork! Your swim will be short because the water will tingle after a few minutes.

visit jordan

When you get out of the pool, rinse yourself off and apply mud to your skin to keep it soft.

If you go swimming outside the hotels, remember to bring a few liters of water to rinse off afterwards. Be careful not to get water in your eyes. 

You can drive along part of the Dead Sea to enjoy the beautiful views

Tip Why not us: an excursion to the Dead Sea + Madaba with transfer from Amman

Once again, for those who prefer to let themselves be driven and admire the scenery, you can book an excursion departing from Amman. Your driver will take you to the pretty town of Madaba and then on to a Dead Sea beach where you can swim and, above all, float!

Where to sleep?

Accommodation in the Dead Sea with pool and private beach: We stayed at the Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea. We’re not used to staying in chain hotels, let alone 5-star ones. We were pleasantly surprised!

It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the various facilities.

The two swimming pools offer a pleasant view of the Dead Sea. There’s a beach with access to the Dead Sea, and mud to coat your body after a swim. The buffet breakfast is gargantuan. We didn’t need to eat lunch. We even took advantage of the gym , even though we never go there in France, so we really tested everything out for you 😉

visit jordan

3. Venturing into the desert of wadi rum – ❤❤❤

We have excellent memories of our two nights and three days in this enchanting place. You will take the opportunity to disconnect completely, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

On board our pick-up and with the help of our guide, we start by discovering sand dunes with multiple colors and incredible rock formations.

While moving away from civilization, we take the opportunity to explore on foot the canyons, climb the arches, surf on the dunes and discover the carved caves. As you can imagine, we did not meet many travelers during our stay.

In the evening we enjoy unforgettable sunsets andexcellent meals prepared by our guide, a desert Bedouin. 

This magical place, was the place of shooting of many films, Lawrence of Arabia, Alone on Mars, Aladdin, Stars War ….

visit jordan
Our tips for choosing your tour

Organized tour : Wadi rum bedouin friends offers an itinerant tour without a fixed camp. That’s why we’ve selected this tour. My sister also recommended it.

The price was 45 JOD (57€) per day as we had taken 3 days. This includes all meals and desert excursions. We had a very good guide and an excellent cook!

4. Explore the ancient cities of Jerash and Amman – ❤❤

Both cities are splendid, we loved to walk inside these old stones. The one inAmman will give you an incredible view of the new city.

We have a preference for Jerash located at 1 hour from Amman. The latter is extremely well preserved.

During your walk among the ruins, you will discover three emblematic sites in excellent condition: the hippodrome, the theater and the forum. Count on about 3 hours of visit to take the time to explore all the corners.

–> Practical information: The cities of Jerash and Amman are included in the Jordan Pass

Where to sleep in Amman?

Accommodation in Amman with parking: we can recommend a charming hotel, La Locanda Boutique Hotel, where my family stayed.

They appreciated the cleanliness of the premises and the location, about 2km from the amphitheatre and the citadel. Private parking is available on site.

We stayed with my sister, as one of her roommates kindly lent us his room.

visit jordan

5. Canyoning in Wadi Mujib – ❤❤

The Wadi (river) Mujib is the largest canyon in Jordan, located next to the Dead Sea.

Equipped with your life jacket (lent on the spot) and your old sneakers (to take along), you will be able to start the course with your feet in the water, surrounded by huge walls.

Soon you will be up to your knees and then up to your neck in water. Ropes installed on the walls will facilitate your progression against the current .

Once you reach the end, you can rest for a few minutes in a small pool and admire a beautiful waterfall. The return journey will require less effort. You can sit on your back and admire the beautiful landscape.

We had a great time even if we came out of this adventure exhausted!

Our advice

Practical information: the price is 21 JOD (€27), including a life jacket and free parking. You can leave your keys at reception. Ask about opening times, as the wadi is not open all year round.

To get there, enter “Wadi Mujib Adventure Center” in your GPS. The site faces the Dead Sea.

visit jordan

6. Snorkeling or diving in the coral gardens in Aqaba – ❤

We were pleasantly surprised to discover the beautiful seabed of the Red Sea. 

We advise you to stay at Tala Bay, south ofAqaba, you can snorkel from the beach of your hotel. 

We booked a half day on a boat to relax and explore the corals and fish with our mask and snorkel. We observed beautiful multicolored fish in 3 different places.


Our advice

Tour : My sister advised us to go through Omar Madain. For 4 hours of snorkeling and the lunchtime bbq we spent 35 JOD (44€). Diving costs JOD 70 (€88).

There was a group of ten of us, and we were the only ones snorkeling, so we were able to take it easy on the various spots.

The boat is large, with a floor to admire the sea and one of the mattresses in the bow for relaxing after the effort 🙂

Excursion from Aqaba to Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is just 1 hour from Aqaba. The city of Aqaba is a good option for exploring southern Jordan. You can book your all-inclusive excursion (transfer, transport and entrance) to Wadi Rum directly from Aqaba.

Where to sleep?

Accommodation in Aqaba with swimming pool and private beach: We once again repeated the Movenpick experience at the Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba, and once again we were not disappointed!

We took advantage of the huge swimming pool, which was open late, and went swimming at night. You can snorkel from the hotel beach or relax on the many sunbeds.

We were upgraded to a better room in the middle of August.

visit jordan

Itinerary: our 2 week tour

We stayed 15 days in Jordan, we took our time because we wanted to spend time with my little sister.

If you have ten days, you can take out a day in Madaba, a day at the dead sea, a day in the Dana valley, a day in the wadi rum desert and a day in Aqaba.

If you have a week focus on Petra, the dead sea, Jerash and wadi rum.

Additional itinerary ideas: ask for a free, no-obligation quote!

Evaneos offers high-quality organized tours that are 100% customizable.

We recommend that you contact a local expert for a free, no-obligation quote, to save you time preparing your trip and give you plenty of ideas!

The different tours to visit the jewels of Jordan

To visit the different points of interest in Jordan(Amman, Petra, Dead Sea…) you can book your tour in advance via internet. We advise you to take a look at the website getyourguide which offers various activities at attractive prices.

The best excursions

We have selected 3 activities, the most interesting in our opinion, below. Don’t forget to read the description carefully to find out what’s really included so you can make the most of your excursion.

Do I need a visa for Jordan? (Jordan Pass)

This is the first time in our travels that the Ministry of Tourism offers a financially interesting pass including the entry visa and the entrance to the main sites of the country. 

You must purchase the Jordan Pass online before your departure. Then simply print it and present it upon arrival and at the sites you visit. 

We took the Jordan Expert for 80JOD (100€), including our entry visa, 3 days in Petra, entrance to Jerash, wadi rum and the citadel ofAmman.

Taking the visa upon arrival at the airport and the entrance tickets to each site we would have to pay 60 JOD + 60 JOD + 8 JOD + 5 JOD + 3 JOD = 133 JOD (170€). Great savings with the Jordan Pass!

visit jordan

Do I need travel health insurance?

It is now essential to travel to Jordan with a travel insurance with COVID fees included. Some bank cards will be able to provide you with a certificate, make sure that the mention COVID 19 appears on it. Don’t panic if your bank card doesn’t cover this, you can take out travel health insurance that does.

We still advise you to subscribe to a travel health insurancein order to leave with a light spirit on vacation or on a trip, because theinsurance included with your credit card offers very low levels of coverage, with lower ceilings than traditional travel health insurance, and does not cover all activities abroad, such as diving (which you can do in Aqaba, for example).

For our vacations and our two long trips (around the world in a backpack and around Europe in a camping car), we went through the Chapka organization. For vacations the most appropriate contract is Cap Assistance 24h/24.

We advise you to enquire about the terms and conditions of this insurance or to obtain a free quote. If you subscribe via the link below, you can take advantage of an immediate -5% discount by clicking on the link below (when you click on quote / subscribe, the discount is automatically applied).

Practical information (flight, travel and accommodation)

How to get to Jordan?

From Paris, without a stopover, it takes about 3.5 hours to fly to Amman, the capital. We travelled with the very good company Royal Jordanian.

We recommend the Skyscanner website, which we usually use, to compare prices of different airlines and find your flight at the best price.

Flight prices vary enormously depending on the number of stopovers and the day of departure and return . From France, you can find flights from 350€. If you live in the south of France, don’t hesitate to compare prices from Barcelona in Spain.

As always we advise you to compare prices between several days. If necessary and if possible, you can slightly shift your vacations to get a really good price.

visit jordan

How to get around Jordan?

The best option for getting around Jordan is to rent a car. You will be free to move around and you can stop to take photo breaks whenever you want.

We had no difficulty driving in Jordan. As in many countries, this will just require you to be a little more careful.

Outside the capital, the roads are not very busy. We still advise you not to ride at night!

Our transport tips

Cab: We recommend downloading the Careem app, the local Uber. You’re geolocated and the fare is fixed in advance.

Car rental: To compare car rental prices, we recommend the RentalCars website to find the best rate. In August, we found a car for around €33 a day by booking a few weeks in advance.

Sixt offered the best rate. You can pick up and drop off your car at the airport. We had no problems with this rental company.

visit jordan

Where to sleep?

We were surprised by the high price of accommodation in Jordan, especially in tourist sites such as Petra, the Dead Sea and Aqaba. We advise you to book in advance to ensure maximum choice.

For the last two places, we recommend booking hotels with private beaches. At the Dead Sea, it’s really comfortable to rinse off after your swim.

In Aqaba, on some public beaches you may not be comfortable swimming in a bathing suit

◊ Our top hotel ◊

➡️1. Dead Sea hotel with pool and private beach: Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea,

➡️2. Hotel in Petra 2 steps from the entrance: The Petra Moon hotel

➡️3. Hotel in Aqaba with swimming pool and private beach: Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba

➡️4. Charming accommodation in Amman: La Locanda Boutique Hotel

visit jordan
Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba

As you can see from this article, we loved our stay in Jordan.

It is a beautiful country preserved from mass tourism, which is really nice!

We thank my sister again for making us discover this beautiful country.

Feel free to leave us a quick note or 5 stars below, to tell us if you’re planning this trip, to ask any questions you may have, here or on Instagram, we’ll get back to you with great pleasure.

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